125th State Grange Convention – Day 4

Red Tennis Shoe day . . . there were a lot visible as well as a lot of red shirts.  This was in honor of JR Day.

We started the morning out with more Committee reports, hearing from our National representatives and hearing from Rep Ed Orcutt from the 20th Legislative District.  We also honored Happy Valley and Agate Granges for having 100 years of continuous attendance at Convention.  Congrats!

Noon started with the Ice Cream Social by the Junior Grange.  Yummy!

Afternoon session had us finishing up the Committee reports, approving yesterday’s minutes and final Lecturer’s Program.  We also had a presentation by the Juniors the results of their year long fund raiser for the Summit Assistance Dogs.  They raised $2,191.91!  well over their goal of $2,000.  Our guest speaker was Bud Hover, Dept of Agriculture Director.

We finished off with a group photo taken at Vancouver Landing.   There is the State Grange Talent Contest this evening.

Tomorrow will be our last day.

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