125th State Grange Convention – Day 3

Today was a long day.

Marcy attended the Family Living Celebration Breakfast.  Awards were presented to Subordinates and Pomonas (sorry to report we didn’t get anything).

The morning session was filled with more committee reports and voting on resolutions.  Today had some hot topics in Grange Law & State Legislative.  Oh, there were new attendees – each of the State Officers had a critter at their station.  By noon, one was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Youth Department.  In the afternoon, another one was kidnapped.  Haven’t heard if a ransom note has been issued or not.

Lots of laughter, especially over the the critters.

Back to the meeting . . . we had a Guest Speaker in the morning – Jack Field, Executive Director of Washington Cattlemen Assoc.  He talked about EPA, Clean Water Act, WOTUS and encourages everyone to check out the website www.BeefUSA.org for more information.  This is critical for our agricultural community that uses ditches (non-navigable waters).

Granger of the Year was awarded during our morning session – Congrats goes to David Howard, former editor of the Grange News.

We were supposed to have our Group Photo today but the weather was not cooperative so it has been postponed to tomorrow.

The afternoon included approving yesterday’s minutes, more committee reports, entertainment and another speaker.  George Caan, WPUDA Executive Director.  Did you know that the Grange was very instrumental in the creation of PUDs?.

We finished off the evening with the Celebration Banquet and live auction.  Our Grange received a Certificate of Appreciation from the State Membership Director for signing up 2 new members in the last year.

We also took some time out to check out the Lecturer’s and Family Living Displays.  Contest entries were checked out and we have several blue ribbons, a First Place and 3rd Place Ribbons in sewing (congrats to Joyce Kludt).

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