Who are we:

Grange members in the State of New Hampshire come from many different backgrounds and walks of life. A member could be an accountant, a nurse, a computer technician, a student, a housewife, a farmer, a military service person, a retiree or a child, just to name a few. The Grange is a family organization and we offer something for everyone. Members bring their knowledge and expertise to share with fellow members as well as their communities. Granges consist of volunteers and feel a need to give to their communities.

What do we do:

Legislation — members are involved in legislative issues on both local and national levels. They serve in the legislature, support legislation and lobby for laws and causes.

Agriculture — members are involved in both small and large farming operations from back yard gardening to full scale operations.

Education — Grangers provide over 90 percent of the 3rd graders in New Hampshire with dictionaries through the Dictionary Project.

Community Service — members all around the state contribute countless hours of volunteering in their communities.

Family and Fellowship — some members are related to each other and once you become a part of a grange you feel like a part of a very large family that spans state borders.

What we are:

A nonprofit, nonpartisan, fraternal organization that advocates for rural America and Agriculture. We have a strong history in grassroots activism, family values and community service. Granges find their niche in their community and work to improve life for all who live there.

What we have done: 

The Grange was the first national organization to give full voice and vote to women. The Grange in New Hampshire helped organize our State Police. Nationally the Grange was instrumental in founding Public Libraries, Rural Free Delivery and Rural electrification. More recent involved in expanding affordable rural broadband, Farm Bill progress and improving rural healthcare/Medicare access.


The Grange offers activities and participation for ages 5 and up. We have Junior Grange(5-14 yrs, local and state), Youth Association(14-35 yrs)
Subordinate Grange(14-110 yrs, community based), Pomona Grange(county based), State Grange(state based made up of all subordinate and pomona granges) and National Grange(nationally based made up of all state granges).

Members Benefits: 

Members enjoy discounts on electricity, travel, cell phone services, prescription drugs and many more! A quarterly newspaper, email notifications of upcoming events, cash prizes from contests, as well as opportunities for scholarships and grants. Many events are available throughout the year for members to attend. The largest benefit that is available to members is opportunity to develop to your fullest potential through leadership .

Personal Benefits:

Friendship, fun, networking, leadership skills, opportunities to make a difference are some of the things members enjoy. Families get a sense of togetherness, find new role models and broaden their interests by being members of the Grange.

State Grange Mission Statement:

“The New Hampshire State Grange® provides a voice for the people of New Hampshire by promoting fellowship, embracing the family structure, enriching lives, and developing the potential of all persons through leadership opportunities, resource support, and other valuable benefits. The Grange® monitors and influences legislation and fosters preservation of our rural heritage with the goal of improving the quality and enjoyment of the lives of all present and future members.”


Granges in New Hampshire

Interested in joining a Grange in your area, send an email to [email protected]

Interested in starting a Grange in your town, send an email to [email protected]

Interested in finding out more, send an email to [email protected] or visit one of the following links

New Hampshire State Grange members site

National Grange site

Grange Radio



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