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We’re your neighbors!

The Grange is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in more than 2,100 hometowns across America.  We have nearly 150 years of history, a spirit of grassroots advocacy, and a fraternal spirit that we’re happy to share with you.

To learn more about the Grange you can read our Declaration of Purposes or download a membership brochure.  You can also learn more about Grange Youth for those 14 to 30 years of age and Junior Grange for children 5 to 14.  Grange members enjoy many benefits including possible discounts on energy, vacations, and medical services.  To learn more read our member benefits brochure.

We’d love to tell you about the exciting opportunities the Grange offers.  Stop by a meeting any time — they’re always open to the public!  If you’d prefer to support rural America and agriculture on your own time, you can also look into E-Membership.  E-Members enjoy the same benefits as community Grange members and have all materials delivered to their inbox.

The Grange — American Values. Hometown Roots.

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