December newsletter 2015

The final month of the year is upon us and the hustle and bustle of Christmas will overwhelm us, but let us not forget the meaning of Christmas and the birth of God’s Son, Jesus.

To start the month off with a bang will be Hometown Christmas on December 4th with the parade, and a lot of other events. Decorating the tree at the community building will be Wednesday, December 2nd around 5:30 p. m.

December 5th will be Flora Grange’s second Bell ringing event for the Salvation Army at PNC bank. Those signing up are as follows: Rogene at 9-10am, John Bielarz 10-11 and Jessica Woodcock at 11-12am.   Rogene will pick up red bucket and the Salvation Army gentleman will pick it up at noon on that day. Thanks to all of you.

December 8th beginning at 6:30p.m. will be Flora Grange’s Christmas party and all gifts etc. can be brought to the hall at that time. The Grange will furnish the ham and cheesy potatoes while members are encouraged to provide a dish to pass: a salad, vegetable, or some type of desert.   Invite your family to join us as we fellowship together.   A family was selected by the Grange to help this year with a few gifts. First of all the tree from Hometown Christmas will be donated to them and delivered by Skyler and Vince. Included will be gifts from Grange members. There are three children, Jamison age 8 who wears a size 12 shirt and 12 Huskie blue jeans, Josiah, age 5 whose size is 5T and Tce’shaun age 2 who wears a 2T. There is also a baby on its’ way. The home was destroyed by a fire recently, so there is definitely a need. Items for the hall are always welcomed too. Suggestions would be paper towels, toilet paper, soap, or stamps. Shut –in trays will be prepared also that night. Please furnish cookies or fresh fruit. Please let Laurel know if you plan to provide fruit so she can plan ahead of time. Suggestions to



whom the trays should be delivered would be appreciated.


  December 25th –  Merry Christmas                  January 1st –  Happy New Year (2016)


Quilting in December will be held Friday, January 1, 2, and 3rd. Please bring a snack to share and a project to work on. You’d be surprised by the topics that are covered during those three days. We begin around       9:00 a. m. each day and end close to 3:00 p.m.


Just a reminder, Please continue to track all of your community service projects and hours. Write them down and give them to me. I plan, being the key word, to get started on the book this winter. Plans are made before action can be taken, RIGHT?

Our list for prays grows longer each day, and these are only the ones of which I am made aware. I know each of us has someone special requiring prayers. Chris and Brian Schmuggerow’s daughter Pam Winters was in an automobile accident and suffered several injuries for which she has started with surgeries. Please keep her is your prayers. Trea Pearson is going through physical therapy at a clinic closer to her home. She is doing better but still needs our prayers and support. Larry is confined to home but doing much better at this writing. Mike Mundy is looking for a truck after an accident which took care of the vehicle. Wendy and Shane Munro’s daughter, Stephanie, is doing good following another surgery in late August. She also needs our support. Bunnie Koenig could use alittle cheer too.

Hope to see many of you at the Christmas party, December 8th. Safe travels and Healthy bodies in this season and throughout the New Year is what you are wished.   Sincerely, Laurel