December Newsletter 2016




Emalee and Rogene accepted for Flora Grange as Distinguished Grange from the National Grange Session November 2016 @ Washington D.C.

To start the month off with a bang will be Hometown Christmas on December 2h with the parade, and a lot of other events. Decorating the tree at the community building will be Wednesday, November 30th around 5:30 p. m.   Please let Kathee know if you can help.

December 3th will be Flora Grange’s second Bell ringing event for the Salvation Army at PNC bank. Those signing up are as follows: Lonn at 9-10am, Laurel 10-11 and Jean Thornberry at 11-12am.   Lonn will pick up red bucket and the Salvation Army gentleman will pick it up at noon on that day. Thanks to all of you.

December 13th beginning at 6:30p.m. will be Flora Grange’s Christmas party and all gifts etc. can be brought to the hall at that time. The Grange will furnish the meat and cheesy potatoes while members are encouraged to provide a dish to pass: a salad, vegetable, or some type of desert.   Invite your family to join us as we fellowship together.   A family was selected by the Grange to help this year with a few gifts. First of all the tree from Hometown Christmas will be donated to them and delivered by Skyler and Vince. Included will be gifts from Grange members. It has been suggested that board games and paper products as well as gas cards or money to be used in travel expenses to doctors and hospital visits be given. The young man, 18 years of age, was thrown from the house during the tornado which went through Fairdale while he was trying to protect his Mother and other family members. As a result he is suffering from a brain injury.

Items for the hall are always welcomed too. The Grange has recently received a new cock pot and electric knife which were on its wish list. Additional items are paper towels, toilet paper, soap, or stamps. Shut –in trays will be prepared also that night. Please furnish cookies or fresh fruit. Please let Laurel know if you plan to provide fruit so she can plan ahead of time.

Suggestions to whom the trays should be delivered would be appreciated.

 December 25th –  Merry Christmas                 January 1st – Happy New Year (2017)

Quilting in December is under discussion. Please contact Joan Wienrank for more information.

Yes, we loss another faithful, dedicated member. Helen Cadie passed away within the past month. She will definitely be missed by our membership.


Just a reminder, Please continue to track all of your community service projects and hours. Write them down and give them to me or Vince.

Jack as asked to remind members there is no better time to ask a friend to join the Grange than the present.

Cannot believe a new year is approaching. There are many decisions to be made as far as Grange Community Service projects. I will list a few so that you can think about these and decisions can be made at the January meeting. Continuation of Safety Town, Date suggestions for Flapjack Fundraising, Boco, and new suggestions for community service.

 Our list for prays grows longer each day, and these are only the ones of which I am made aware. I know each of us has someone special requiring prayers.

Hope to see many of you at the Christmas party, December 13th. Celebrate the reason for the season, the birth of our Savior.

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Safe travels and Good Health during this season and throughout the New Year is what you are wished.   Sincerely, Laurel

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November newsletter 2016

November 2016 – Where has the year gone?

This newsletter may be short, however there has been some news which needs to be shared and this is the quickest way to do it, in my opinion.

Flora Grange lost another dedicated, faithful member yesterday morning. Mike Mundy passed away. I have been informed that visitation will be Tuesday, November 1st at the Belvidere Funeral Home from 4-7 with the fair board members expressing their condolences at 6:30 and the funeral will begin at 7:00pm. Please keep the Mundy family in your prayers as this was much unexpected.

November 2nd will be Pomona Grange meeting beginning at 7:00pm during which election of fair board officers will be held.

November 5th will be the Jewels to Jeans event held at the community building. Tom has offered to put up a display for Flora Grange. I am not sure of the time but know displays must be completed by 4:30pm.

Don’t forget to turn back your clock tonight, November 5th. It would be a good idea to replace batteries in smoke detectors at this time too.

November 8th – ELECTION DAY  



   November 8th will be the next regular meeting beginning at 7:00. Cake, jello and sandwiches will be the refreshments to be served. Serving committee will be Mike and Darcie Chamberlain, Teri Keegan, Marilyn Spradling, and George Morgan.     

       November 12th Hall will be open for preparing salads for the dinner and baked goods for the bake sale. I will have the hall open by 8:00am and close it around 5:00 pm.   

November 13th will be our public dinner with serving beginning at 11:30 (or earlier) and continuing until everyone is served. Help is needed so please call if you can help either in the dining room or in the kitchen.   Laura is in charge of the dining room and her phone number is 815-580-5006 and I will be in charge of the kitchen so call 815-222-6173. We are going to need MORE help since we have a couple of people who usually help going to attend National Grange Session and some others who have received new knee replacements and are getting rehab. The proceeds go toward our community service projects such as dictionaries, home town Christmas, providing for the needy, donating to the Salvation army, Relay for life, St. Jude’s, and others.

Thanksgiving Day is November 24th. We have so much to be thankful for. Enjoy your families and your time together.

Quilting time is November 25, 26, &27th.       Each day bring some goodies to munch on and something for pot luck (lunch or dinner). Contact Joanne Wienrank at 815-544-0288 for more details.

It’s time to start planning to ring the bell for the Salvation Army it will be in the same location as last year, PNC bank at the mall entrance door, from 9am –12:00pm on November 26th and December 3rd.  I will have a sign-up sheet at the dinner.

If you get this newsletter online, great! If you get it online through the Flora Grange web site, good for you. If you get it through the mail and could get it the other two ways please let me know at your earliest convenience and I can take you off the mailing list.                                             

There are several of our members dealing with health issues. Please pray for them continually.

Enjoy the beautiful season with the changing colors but be aware that winter is just around the corner.                                                          Sincerely,   Laurel