October newsletter 2017

LBy Lindakay Ebel Members of Flora Grange held their October meeting on Tuesday, October 10, at the Flora Grange Hall with Master Albert Q. Ebel, III opening the meeting with Pledge to American Flag and performing of the Grange Salutation. Chaplain Donna West opened the Bible and offered prayer. Roll call was taken by Secretary Laurel Ratcliffe with all officers in attendance. Minutes of the September 12 meeting were approved. JoAnn  Wienrank reported they met the first weekend in October for quilting and will be meeting several times in November and December. All are welcome to come and bring projects to work on. Roger Miller, Agriculture, reported we have had some rain; farmers will be out working long hours to catch up. Some reported crops not as good as previous years. Jack Ratcliffe, Farmland Protection chairman had no report this evening. Laurel Ratcliffe, Community Service reported Flora Grange received fourth place at the Illinois Grange Convention for their community service book this year. She reminded all members that volunteer to bring their hours to her each month so that she can start the project for next year. Building and Grounds, Jack Ratcliffe reported the furnace will have to be cleaned and the cutting of the lawn has been less recently. Master Al Ebel thanked Loren and Pat Due for the new American Flag they donated for the Grange hall. Jack Ratcliffe, Membership stated we need to be asking family and friends to become Grange members. Jack Ratcliffe also reported on the Deaf Activities, stating a representative will be coming to the March Pomona meeting and talk about hearing aids. Boone County Fair members
Jack Ratcliffe, Roger Miller, Bob Scherer and Al Ebel stated at the last fair board meeting a wish list was started and also discussed some of the entertainment for the 2018 fair. Laurel and Jack Ratcliffe had drawings for the wheel chair lift discussed at previous meetings and told about the location for it at our grange hall.  Motion was made by Lindakay Ebel, seconded by Loren Due we have the Ratcliffe’s take the next step for the chair lift and bring back to the November meeting. Laurel Ratcliffe reported 180 dictionaries were purchased and delivered to the Genoa/ Kingston schools. Master Al Ebel reminded all the Fall Roast Beef dinner is scheduled for Sunday, November 12. Laurel Ratcliffe stated the Grange Hall will be open on Saturday, November 11 from 8 am to 5 pm so Grange members can come and make salads for the dinner and bakery for the junior’s bake sale. She reported she will need members to help in the kitchen, serve the food, wait on tables, as well as clean up. On communications, members were reminded of the Jewels for Jeans, scheduled for Saturday, November 4 at the Belvidere Community building and this year they will be recognizing the First Responders, last year it was the Granges. Cost is $30 per person. Flora Grange treasurer, Lindakay Ebel had written reports for all in attendance. She presented all the expenses and income for the month, as well as the year to dates on each line item. Under old business Lindakay and Albert Ebel, delegates for Illinois State Grange convention for Flora Grange reported on the 12 resolutions that were worked on, 5 will be going to National session for committee work. There were
40 delegates from 4 Pomona Granges and 20 Subordinate Granges. Lindakay stated she was very impressed with the junior activities which were entered under sewing and foods, as well as all the entries for adults. This year there was also a lot of entries under the agriculture department contest, in which Al is on the committee. Prize money and awards were given to those Flora Grange members and juniors that had entries. Another highlight is the great job the juniors do with the opening of the meeting and the drill work; they work very hard with the floor work and opening the meeting. Al reported roll call on Friday was when each Granges delegates presented the “G” bills their Grange had collected; Flora Grange had collected $788 for us to present. Wow, were we ever proud of Flora Grange.  It was a surprise to all to see Bandit Rick O’Dell and Sheriff Master Lynette Schaeffer adding fun of the “G” Bill presentation. “G” bills collected at the main banquet totaled $213 and collected at the youth banquet was $101, making a grand total of $3,056.00. We will continue this fundraiser to support The Illinois Granger, so keep saving those “G” bills. Al also stated that Jack and Laurel Ratcliffe were recognized for bringing members into the Grange this year and each received a bar for 4 new members. Delegates also elected new officers to the Illinois State Grange, and Wayne Lyford was thanked for serving on the executive committee for three years and Jack Rack Ratcliffe for serving as Gatekeeper. Roger Miller and Laurel Ratcliffe had sign-up sheets for the Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army again this year. We discussed Hometown Christmas. Members are to think about some new projects and fundraisers for next year
and bring back ideas to the November meeting.   Chaplain Donna West gave a report on members that need prayers and Kathee Frazer gave a report on the juniors, praising them for their work.  “G” bills were collected, and it was decided the first $100 collected would be for the National trade emblem, and a motion was made to send $100 to the National Grange to help with the repair of their heating and cooling system which will cost more than $900,000.00 for the 11 story building, which is located just one block from the
White House. Chaplain Donna West closed with prayer and anniversaries were recognized: Donna and Gene West, October 6th, Laurel and Jack Ratcliffe October 24 and JoAnn and George Wienrack. Next Flora Grange meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 14th, 7 pm at the Grange hall. Members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments; hostesses were Laura Lindenberg and Loren and Pat Due