February newsletter 2017


February 4th is the BOCO event at the community building. Tom is heading this up but I am sure he would appreciate a little help with manning the booth during the day. If you would be able to sit at the booth and answer questions and promote our events, call Tom (815-262-7793) and he can give a suggested time.

February 4th&5th the quilters will be quilting again. Remember you don’t have to be a quilter to come and enjoy good company, work some on you own project, and get out of the house. Each day begins around 9:00am and lasts until around 3:00 or 4:00.

February 14th will be dues paying supper starting at 6:30pm.This year the Grange will be providing lasagna since you will be paying your dues. Anyone wishing to furnish a lettuce salad, French bread, or a desert, please feel free to do so. Serving committee consists of Roger and Sharon Miller, and Kathee Fraser and Kris and Scott.  Dues are $19.00 if paid before April 1st so save a couple of dollars and pay early. After April 1st dues will be $25.00. A new member will pay $2.25 per month for the rest of the year including the month in which they join.

February 14th Happy Valentine’s Day

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Remember, those wishing to apply for a scholarship through the Illinois State Grange, applications must be in by late February.

Mark your calendar on June 24th, Flora Grange will be serving flapjack at the Applebee’s restaurant for their Flapjack Fundraising event.   I understand there are no more dates available and I feel real lucky to have secured this date. The lady I deal with informed me that there are just not enough Saturday’s in the year to accommodate the many groups.

Two other dates needing to be marked are Little Hershey May 20th and 21st, and June 6 thru 9th is Safety Town.   I am looking for some new ideas for safety issues, so if you have some suggestions, don’t be afraid to let me know.

There are several members needing our prayers. As many of you know we lost a strong supporter of our many events with the passing of Russ Vowles. He will be deeply missed.


January newsletter 2017

January 2017 WOW!! Have you made your New Year resolution?

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Quilters will be at the hall on New Year’s week end. Call JoAnn Wienrank for further information. 815-544-0288

January 4th, Flora Grange will be serving Pomona Grange’s dues paying supper. If anyone would care to make a cake for dessert that would be appreciated. If I do not hear from someone I will purchase a cake and have the Grange pay for it. I will need to know if you would be so kind to make a cake before Monday evening so I can order one from the bakery on Tuesday for pick up on Wednesday. So far I have one cake donated so will need about 2 more for sure. Phone 815-222-6173.

January 10th will be the first meeting of the New Year. Potluck supper will start at 6:30pm. Please provide a dish to pass. Silverware and plates will be provided. Lindakay and Al Ebel and Jerry and Karen Hart will be the serving committee.

The meeting will begin shortly after 7:00pm. New program books will be distributed. Plans for the New Year will be discussed. Your input is important so please plan on attending.

January 14th the State Junior Director, Trich Ranken has asked for the use of the hall for a Junior meeting. All Junior leaders and members are encouraged to attend. Please call if you have questions about time etc. I will try to find out the answers.

January 29st the State Master, Lynette has set up a meeting which will take place at the community Grange hall at the fairgrounds. Time for this meeting is 12:30-3:30. Discussion will center around the data base and filling the state reports. I am sure more will be discussed but I know for sure these two items are on the agenda.

Just to report on our donation to the family at Christmas time. The Watson family was very appreciative of the Christmas tree, decorations, and many gifts delivered to their home prior to Christmas.

It was very humbling and rewarding to be the deliverer of the gifts that you as a Grange had provided.

Also thanks for the many gifts given to the Grange. The paper products, cleaning products, air fresheners, and stamps will make it a lot easier on the budget for the new year.

January 15th and 16th the quilters will be meeting at the hall again to perform their magic of taking small pieces of fabric and blending them with other pieces to make a beautiful blanket, quilt, or throw for a deserving individual. Bring your project, a snack or two, and enjoy the fellowship of individuals who like to do that type of hand work. It can be very rewarding.

Just a reminder, Please continue to track all of your community service projects and hours. Write them down and give them to me. I plan, being the key word, to get started on the book this winter. Plans are made before action can be taken, RIGHT?

Remember to contemplate the various projects I listed on the December newsletter as far as community service projects on which action needs to be taken. Any new suggestions would also be appreciated.

I urge everyone to continue praying for those of our membership suffering from illness. Theo is still at Maplecrest and would appreciate a visit. Others are suffering from severe colds and flu. Then also remember those that are shut in or dealing with various forms of treatment on the road to rehabilitation and wellness.

My new year wish is for safe travels, health and happiness to each and every person I know including all members of Flora Grange.

Sincerely, Laurel

December Newsletter 2016




Emalee and Rogene accepted for Flora Grange as Distinguished Grange from the National Grange Session November 2016 @ Washington D.C.

To start the month off with a bang will be Hometown Christmas on December 2h with the parade, and a lot of other events. Decorating the tree at the community building will be Wednesday, November 30th around 5:30 p. m.   Please let Kathee know if you can help.

December 3th will be Flora Grange’s second Bell ringing event for the Salvation Army at PNC bank. Those signing up are as follows: Lonn at 9-10am, Laurel 10-11 and Jean Thornberry at 11-12am.   Lonn will pick up red bucket and the Salvation Army gentleman will pick it up at noon on that day. Thanks to all of you.

December 13th beginning at 6:30p.m. will be Flora Grange’s Christmas party and all gifts etc. can be brought to the hall at that time. The Grange will furnish the meat and cheesy potatoes while members are encouraged to provide a dish to pass: a salad, vegetable, or some type of desert.   Invite your family to join us as we fellowship together.   A family was selected by the Grange to help this year with a few gifts. First of all the tree from Hometown Christmas will be donated to them and delivered by Skyler and Vince. Included will be gifts from Grange members. It has been suggested that board games and paper products as well as gas cards or money to be used in travel expenses to doctors and hospital visits be given. The young man, 18 years of age, was thrown from the house during the tornado which went through Fairdale while he was trying to protect his Mother and other family members. As a result he is suffering from a brain injury.

Items for the hall are always welcomed too. The Grange has recently received a new cock pot and electric knife which were on its wish list. Additional items are paper towels, toilet paper, soap, or stamps. Shut –in trays will be prepared also that night. Please furnish cookies or fresh fruit. Please let Laurel know if you plan to provide fruit so she can plan ahead of time.

Suggestions to whom the trays should be delivered would be appreciated.

 December 25th –  Merry Christmas                 January 1st – Happy New Year (2017)

Quilting in December is under discussion. Please contact Joan Wienrank for more information.

Yes, we loss another faithful, dedicated member. Helen Cadie passed away within the past month. She will definitely be missed by our membership.


Just a reminder, Please continue to track all of your community service projects and hours. Write them down and give them to me or Vince.

Jack as asked to remind members there is no better time to ask a friend to join the Grange than the present.

Cannot believe a new year is approaching. There are many decisions to be made as far as Grange Community Service projects. I will list a few so that you can think about these and decisions can be made at the January meeting. Continuation of Safety Town, Date suggestions for Flapjack Fundraising, Boco, and new suggestions for community service.

 Our list for prays grows longer each day, and these are only the ones of which I am made aware. I know each of us has someone special requiring prayers.

Hope to see many of you at the Christmas party, December 13th. Celebrate the reason for the season, the birth of our Savior.

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Safe travels and Good Health during this season and throughout the New Year is what you are wished.   Sincerely, Laurel

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