May 2016 Newsletter

First of all, thanks to all those who helped at the roast beef dinner. We served 234 paying customers and close to 30 helpers. From providing salads, helping rearrange the hall, promoting the event, and assisting in preparing and serving as well as cleaning up after, many hands make light work.

Thanks a lot.


The month of May holds many opportunities.


The first weekend in May will be quilting beginning at 9 on Saturday, April 30th and continuing on Sunday. Please bring something for snacks at noon and a project to work on.


May 10th will be the regular meeting beginning at 7:00 pm at the hall with a Memorial Service. Cake, jello, and sandwiches will be the order of refreshments with the serving committee consisting of Bob Scherer, Kyle, Brian, Chris, and Jessie Schmuggerow.


May 21st and 22nd, Flora Grange will be serving the Model T’s Little Hershey car show and swap. We will be using the sandwich stand at the fairgrounds as well as the pop stand. We were encouraged to provide a breakfast item as well as a lunch type menu, so that means early preparation and serving. The event goes from 6am (vendors and workers) to 3:30 pm. I am desperately looking for workers during these times and would like to have 2 or 3 shifts beginning at 5:30am to 4:00 pm. If you have already told me that you could help, please refresh my memory.



Right now I have, Kyle, Barb Noll, Wayne and Nancy, Val and Jim for an

earlier shift. I believe Lindakay has members to serve as cashiers. This should be a good fundraiser and one of the easier ones to do. PLEASE CALL 815-222-6173 with times and choices of positions. I will need someone for the grill, cashiers, waiters, and drink stand.


*Note – We will only be serving the    Kirkland Lions Club in June this year. The date in June will be the 23th. It does not take too much help, but I do need a few people. Serving time will be 7:00 so if you could assist for about 21/2 hours I would appreciate it.

June 7, 8, 9, & 10 @ 9-11:00 am SAFETY TOWN DAY CAMP!!!  Flyers are being made this next week and will be distributed real soon. It seems now both the parents and the children look forward to the 4 days. I do need your help please give me a call at your earliest convince. 815-222-6173 if I don’t pick up leave me a message THANK-YOU.

Take a look outside and enjoy the green grass and blossoming trees. However the cold temperatures leave a question in the mind is Spring really and truly here?  Lawn mowers are out and tractors are rolling. Field work is making head way as days or long even though it is dark, we still call them days! Enjoy the sun and warmth as we have waited a LONG time for this.  

Gotta run. As ever, Laurel

March 2016 Flora Grange Newsletter

A reminder that this Sunday is Pomona Grange’s chili fundraising event and Flora Grange is in charge of parking vehicles and cleaning up following the event as well as clearing and cleaning the tables after a setting.  Mike Mundy, Jack Ratcliffe, and Al Ebel will be working in the parking lot.  If you can find a time to let them go inside and warm up, it would be greatly appreciated.  Emalee and Laurel could use another hand during the serving clearing the tables.  After 2:00 pm when we are to be done serving additional help is definitely needed.  Can you come to help wash dishes etc?  Let me know please.

March comes in the first of next week.  Our snow birds will be returning. 

Now down to the upcoming calendar events. March 2nd will be a candidates night at the Community Grange Hall  beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Come and become better informed about your candidates running for local offices.

March 5th and 6th will be quilting at the hall.  Each day the group starts about 9:00am, so bring something to share for lunch and your projects and enjoy a crafty time at the hall.

March 8th will be a regular meeting with cake, jello and/or sandwiches served following the meeting which will begin at 7:00pm.  Serving committee consists of the Todd and Emalee Colver, Wayne and Nancy Lyford, and Ernie Wilson.  Dues are still payable for the discounted amount of $19.00 per person.  On April 1st, dues will jump to $25.00 per person.  Now is the time to pay those dues!

March 15th is Election Day for Boone County.  Make you voice heard and vote! 

March 17th is St. Patrick’s day.  Wear your GREEN!

 Second, this is an excellent time to sign up new members.  Remember, new members only pay $2.25 for each month remaining in the year in which they join.

 Third, mark your calendars for the Safety Town event June 7-10th. We are asking for your help in providing 1 pound coffee cans with lids.  They can be either plastic or metal.   It is a great time for the kids to learn about safety and there is a GREAT need for helpers during those 4 days. 

April looks like a busy, busy month.  Just a peak tells me that a big public dinner is planned for the 10th. 

Then May 21-22 is the 51th anniversary of the Model T club event at which we are serving food.  Mark your calendars.

Please keep our members who have recently encounter health issues in your prayers.  Problems affect many of our members and praying does help.

Sincerely, Laurel

February newsletter 2016

This newsletter is a little earlier than usual, but there are quite a few things to cover and I need to get it in print before I forget.

January 23rd is the Leadership training day for the Northern part of Illinois provided by the State Grange.  The time has been changed alittle.  It will begin at 12:30 and end around 4:00pm.  All are welcomed to come and learn alittle about the ritual and by-laws of the Grange.

February 6th is the BOCO event at the community building.  Tom is heading this up but I am sure he would appreciate a little help with manning the booth during the day.  If you would be able to sit at the booth and answer questions and promote our events, call Tom and he can give a suggested time.

February 6th Flora Grange will be the location for a meet and greet candidate for the United States Senate.  James T. Marter would like to meet you between 9:30 and 11:00am at our hall and introduce his policy and himself to you.  Please plan on attending.  This event is open to the public so bring some friends and learn about Mr. Marter.  His website is www.Marter4Senate.US

February 9th will be dues paying supper starting at 6:30pm.  Bring a dish to pass for the potluck supper preceeding the meeting . Serving committee consists of Roger and Sharon Miller, and Kathee Fraser and Kris and Scott. Due to the increase of State Dues, Flora had to raise their dues likewise.  Dues now are $19.00 if paid before April 1st so save a couple of dollars and pay early. After April 1st dues will be $25.00.  A new member will pay $2.25 per month for the rest of the year including the month in which they join.  Serving committee will be Roger and Sharon Miller and Terry and Kathee Frazer.

February 14th  Happy Valentine’s Day

Main Street Players will be performing Odd Couple There are 2 version: a male version and a female version.  Vince will be performing in the male version on February 13th and 19th at 7:00 pm and again on February 14th and 20th at 2:30pm.  Tickets are $12 adults, $10 Seniors, and $5 students.

Remember, those wishing to apply for a scholarship through the Illinois State Grange, applications must be in by late February.  For more information contact me or Kyle.

February 28th is the fundraiser for Boone County Pomona Grange.  It will be a chili dinner serving to begin at 11:00 am.  Flora Grange is to provide people to help with the parking area as well as clean up following the event.

A few changes in the program book which I need to correct.  Date of the September meeting will be Tuesday, September 13th.   I found out that Little Hershey event is May 21st and 22nd.  As a result of this, I am presently changing the date for Applebee’s fundraising.  I will keep you informed.

It is time to start thinking of individuals, both member and non-member, who do a lot of community service hours.  Suggestions will be taken during the meeting on possible recipients for Community Service recognition awards.

We have begun working on Safety Town topics for workshops for the children and need some good ideas.  I am open for suggestions – call 815-222-6173.

As ever, Laurel