April newsletter 2017



Welcome to April and Spring

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Just got home from Alabama and realized April is here.

                This will be short and sweet.

April 4th, election day. Make your voice heard!

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April 9th is our Spring Roast Beef dinner. We need your help. For those working in the dining room, time of arrival should be 10:30am. For those working in the kitchen, time of arrival should be around 9.   There will be a bake sale, so please furnish something if possible. Serving starts shortly after 11 close to 11:15 because I like to get started so I can get done.

April 8th the hall will be open by 8:00am for setting of the dining room, preparing salads and all the other preparation needed.


One of our new members who is a member of 4-H has a goal to provide back packs for kids. I suggested that our members, those willing, bring a back pack to the dinner, to show our support for those in need as well as Flora Grange’s variety of community service work. Contact me or Serenity at 815-981-1619 for more information.



April 11th will be our regular meeting. Serving committee will be Jeff and Penny Beres and Jim and Val Langendorf. Hope to see you there.

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Shortly after that date you will hopefully see tractors and planters moving in the fields and up and down the roads.

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Spotting slow-moving vehicles
Spotting a slow-moving farm vehicle is easy, says, Anderson. Just look for the slow-moving vehicle (SMV) sign, a reflective bright orange triangle trimmed in red on the rear of farm vehicles.

The SMV emblem is meant to warn motorists of a vehicle that is moving at slower than normal speeds or presents other hazards, and to approach with caution. The sign is required, by law, on all implements of husbandry, including tractors, combines, and other harvest equipment, said Anderson.

Unfortunately, the SMV emblem meaning is lost on many motorists because of its misuse by the public. SMV signs, which are widely available at retailers unlike most official traffic markers, are frequently used illegally as driveway markers or for other reflective or decorative purposes.

The only legal use of an SMV emblem is to mark an implement of husbandry, farm tractor, special mobile vehicle or a vehicle with a maximum designed speed of 25 mph.

“That means if you’re using an SMV sign to mark your driveway stop the practice immediately,” advised Anderson. “You’ll not only bring yourself in compliance with the law, but you’ll be doing your part to promote traffic safety.”

I think this is enough for now, Just wanted to remind you of the dinner and meeting and inform you of the challenge.


Stay safe. Laurel

March 2017 Newsletter


Month of March Saint Patrick's Day

March is here!  Where o where have I been?  In the home office working on 1st taxes, 2nd 2017 Boone County Premium Book, and 3rd life in general.  Anyway, it came in like a lion, tornados etc. in the South and snow, wind and rain up here.  Let’s hope it will go out like a lamb. 

Now down to the upcoming calendar events. March 4th and 5th the quilters will be doing their thing at the hall.  Join them for fellowship and working on your particular project.

  March 9th, at the community Grange hall will be the annual meeting of FPP Farmland Protection Project.  Remember Flora Grange was instrumental in getting this organization started and now the County has formed a commission to help with the education of the preservation of farmland.  Meeting begins at 7:00 and everyone is welcome.

March 14th will be a regular meeting with cake, jello and/or sandwiches served following the meeting which will begin at 7:00pm.  Serving committee consists of the Todd and Emalee Colver, Wayne and Nancy Lyford, and Ernie Wilson.  Dues are still payable for the discounted amount of $19.00 per person.  On April 1st, dues will jump to $25.00 per person.  Now is the time to pay those dues!

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March 17th is St. Patrick’s day.  Wear your GREEN!

 Second, this is an excellent time to sign up new members.  Remember, new members only pay $2.25 for each month remaining in the year in which they join.

The hall has been rented out the 25th of March as well as the 31st of March thru the 2nd of April.  Just so you know.

 Third, mark your calendars for the Safety Town event June 6-9th. We are asking for your help to provide great time for the kids to learn about safety and there is a GREAT need for helpers during those 4 days.

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April looks like a busy, busy month.  Just a peak tells me that a big public dinner is planned for the 9th.  Let us know if you can help either in the kitchen or dining room.  The hall will be open for preparation of salads and baked goods for the bake sale on Saturday, the 8th of April around 7:30am.

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Then May 20-21 is the 52th anniversary of the Model T club event at which we are serving food.  Mark your calendars.

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Please keep our members who have recently encounter health issues in your prayers.  Lori Turner and Amy Cooper to   name a couple of members that need our prayers.  

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Sincerely, Laurel