March 2015 Newsletter

First a huge big thank you to all who donated items, time, and talents to help me make and serve the chili, potato and chicken soups for the Pomona Grange fund raising event. I have no particulars but very glad it is over.
March comes in the first of next week. Let us all hope for a warm spell real soon since it seems winter has lasted way to long. However, I feel we are living in the best location this winter, not a lot of snow and so far no ice or freezing rain. We must look on the good side of life.

Now down to the upcoming calendar events. March 8th at the Community Grange Hall will be potluck at 12:30pm and then an opportunity to hear from a National Grange Membership Director, Michael Martin.
He has inspirational words concerning keeping the Grange important in your community. Those attending are encouraged to email State Master/President Lynette Schaeffer at [email protected] or by phone at 815-537-4237 in regards to the number of people planning on attending.

March 10th will be a regular meeting with cake, jello and/or sandwiches served following the meeting which will begin at 7:00pm. Serving committee consists of the Colvers, Lyfords, and Ernie Wilson.

March 14th the hall has been rented out. Therefore quilting will be in conjunction with our hosting the young people who will learn how to make a quilt for the Linus foundation on March 28th.

March 17th is St. Patrick’s day. Wear your


March 28th as stated previous, Flora will host a bus full of students who intend on learning how to make quilt for children which will be donated to Linus.
JoAnn Wienrank is in charge of the event. Members will furnish lunch and snacks for the group. More questions should be directed to Laurel or JoAnn.

Mike has been working on a web page for Flora Grange He is open to suggestions and information which needs to be included. His email address is [email protected]

A couple of reminders. First of all, for the rest of next month Flora Grange dues will be $18.00 per person. After April 1st, dues will jump up to $24.00 a month. Now is a good time to pay those dues and get a $6.00 break besides. Send check made out to Flora Grange to the secretary, Laurel Ratcliffe, 4095 Town Hall Rd. Belvidere, IL 61008.
Second, this is an excellent time to sign up new members. Remember, new members only pay $2.00 for each month remaining in the year in which they join.

Third, mark your calendars for the Safety Town event June 9-12th. It is a great time for the kids to learn about safety and there is a GREAT need
for helpers during those 4 days.

April looks like a busy, busy month. Just a peak tells me that a big public dinner is planned for the 12th.
Then May 15-17 is the 50th anniversary of the Model T club event at which we are serving food. Mark your calendars.

Please keep our members who have recently encounter health issues in your prayers. Problems affect many of our members and praying does help. Sincerely, Laurel

February 2015 Newsletter

A month has past of winter already, and it hasn’t been near as bad as last year so let’s keep our fingers crossed.
The February activities begins

February 10th Dues paying supper with a regular meeting to be held after the supper. Serving committee will be Roger and Sharon Miller, Kathee Terry, Kris, and Scott Frazer. It will be a potluck supper. Dues this year will remain the same as last year, $18.00 if paid prior to April 1st and after that date $24.00. New members will be charged $2.00 per month beginning with the month in which they join.

February 14, 15, and 16th will quilting at the hall. Bring a project and enjoy each other company. They begin around 9:00am and continue until 3. Don’t forget to bring a snack for lunch.

February 14th Happy Valentine’s Day

Remember, those wishing to apply for a scholarship through the Illinois State Grange, applications must be in by February 27th. This means all supporting documentation .For more information contact me or Tom. Applicant must have been a member of the Grange for one year. I have all the information necessary so call 815-222-6173. Also along that same line, Flora Grange has a scholarship which is available to members planning on achieving a higher education. You must be a member for two years and there is no stipulation as to the type of education seeking. I also have requirements for that particular scholarship, so let me know if you are interested.

February 22h is the fundraiser for Boone County Pomona Grange. It will be a chili dinner serving to begin at 11:00 am. Flora and Prairie Granges ares to provide the chili and chicken soup.
Since there was no January meeting at which we were to supply the chili meal, I have frozen one roaster of chili already, but still need to make about 2 more roasters. If you could help with this project, I would really appreciate it. Let me know what date works in your schedule. We will begin serving on that Sunday about 11 am and continue until 2pm. Help is definitely needed in the kitchen that day as well as helping with the transporting of the food up to the community Grange hall about 8:00.

It is time to start thinking of individuals, both member and non-member, who do a lot of community service hours. Suggestions will be taken during the meeting on possible recipients for Community Service recognition awards.
We have several members needing our prayers.
Sharon, our chaplain, needs to be kept aware of those members and we need to support each one as they deal with their conditions and hopefully recover. Give her a call if you know of a member sick or in distress, 815-547-6188.

New Flora Grange 2015 year books are available and can be picked up at the meeting.
Jack wants me to remind you that now is a good time to be singing up new members.
As ever, Laurel