November 2019 Newsletter

November 2019 – Where has the year gone? 

This newsletter may be short, however there are reminders which need to be put on calendars, so we don’t forget.  

Don’t forget to turn back your clock November 2nd.  It would be a good idea to replace batteries in smoke detectors at this time too.

 November 5th  – ELECTION DAY  

November 12th will be the next regular meeting beginning at 7:00. Cake, jello and sandwiches will be the refreshments to be served. Serving committee will be Emily Chambers and Chelsey Huntington.

        November 16th  Hall will be open for preparing salads for the dinner and baked goods for the bake sale.  I will have the hall open by 8:00am and close it around 5:00 pm.  

November 17th will be our public dinner with serving beginning at 11:30 (or earlier) and continuing until everyone is served.  Help is needed so please call if you can help either in the dining room or in the kitchen.   Amber Fidder is in charge of the dining room.  I will be happy to pass the information along if you let me know that you will work in the diningroom.  She is quite hard to get in touch with. I will be in charge of the kitchen so call 815-222-6173. The proceeds go toward our community service projects such as dictionaries, home town Christmas, providing for the needy, donating to the Salvation army, Relay for life, St. Jude’s, and others.

Quilters will be getting together at our hall on Nov 23rd and 24th.  I was told to remind everyone that it is not only quilters that are welcomed.  Just bring your projects, enjoy the fellowship, and accomplish whatever it is you want to do.

Thanksgiving Day is November 28th.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Enjoy your families and your time together. 

Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army will be done at the PNC bank on  two Saturday mornings, November 30th and December 7th from 9-11.  A sign up sheet will be available at the dinner to sign up for a time slot.  This will be held inside the door at the East entrance of the bank.  The individual ringing the bell at 9:00 is required to go to the Salvation Army and pick up the red bucket.  Personnel from the Salvation Army will pick it up at noon.  

Hometown Christmas is fast approaching, and Fabienne has offered to be in charge of the tree decorating on Dec 4th at the Community building.  Yes, a family has been selected, the family for which the first 2019 Habitat Home is being built. Following  is a couple of ideas for gifts for the members of the family.

Jessica, Mother, She is a first time homeowner and would probably appreciate anything for her new home.  She selected neutral colors for her home.   

16 year old boy likes Star Wars and the colors Blue and Green

15 year old Girl likes pineapples and anything with the image of the Sun.  Her favorite colors are yellow and aqua. 

8 year old Boy likes Super Hero’s and the color Green

If you get this newsletter online, great! If you get it online through the Flora Grange web site, good for you. If you get it through the mail and could get it the other two ways please let me know at your earliest convenience and I can take you off the mailing list.                                          

There are several of our members dealing with health issues.  Please pray for them continually.  

Enjoy the beautiful season with the changing colors but be aware that winter is just around the corner and harvest is in full swing.  Sincerely,   Laurel

October Newsletter 2019


November 12th will be the date of the next meeting. Cake, Jello, or sandwiches will be served by Emily Chambers and Chelsey Huntington. Plans will be made for the Hometown Christmas event in Belvidere and other community service projects

November 17th is our public roast beef dinner. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The hall will be open on Saturday to prepare salads and items for the bake sale from 8:00 to 4:30. It is the policy of Flora Grange that members provide a salad to be made prepared at the hall in compliance to the Health Codes and placed on the large salad bar for our guests. The Grange provides items for tossed lettuce salad, a pea salad, and cole slaw. A bake sale is held in addition to the meal upstairs from which the Junior Grange receives proceeds from the sale. Members are encouraged to donate to the cause. We are looking for a chairman for the dining room as well as workers in the dining room and the kitchen. Please call if you can help. 815-222-6173.

November 23rd and 24th quilters will be using the hall again.

Time to go & appreciate this beautiful weather. Don’t forget that school is in session and harvest equipment is traveling to their crops give them a break. They need one.

Sincerely Laurel