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February 17th 18th & the 19th   They will work on the National Grange quilt block at 1:00 on Saturday the 17th. Bring your fabrics with you and we will all work on them at the same time. If you need the instructions call Joann or Emalee. We will have some extra fabrics to share.   Remember you don’t have to be a quilter to come and enjoy good company, work some on you own project, and get out of the house.  Each day begins around 9:00am and lasts until around 3:00 or 4:00.  You are encouraged to bring something to share for lunch.

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Remember, those wishing to apply for a scholarship through the Illinois State Grange, applications must be in by late February.  I have the rules for the scholarships so call if you would like to apply.  (815-222-6173)

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Mark your calendar on June 23th, Flora Grange will be serving flapjack at the Applebee’s restaurant for their Flapjack Fundraising event.  There were only 3 dates left, one being when we plan on going North and the other when entries are taken for the fair.  Next year let’s get our request for date choices in earlier!

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Two other dates needing to be marked are Little Hershey May 19th and 20th, and June 12th thru 15th a change from what is in the book for Safety Town,  I realized there was a great possibility that the children might not be out of school that early in June and also there are a lot of special days which we could work craft ideas around that week.   I am looking for some new ideas for safety issues, so if you have some suggestions, don’t be afraid to let me know.  I am looking for someone with knowledge about boat safety, any suggestions?

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There are several members needing our prayers.  Serenity, Chance, and Krista all need our prayers as they were involved in a car accident that Sunday night when it was so very icy.  Broken bones and  concussions along with Chance’s low blood counts face them every day. Hopefully  members suffering from the flu are recovering and the flu bug will become week and die off real soon.

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Stay Well & Think Spring