2016 July Newsletter Flora Grange

Flora Grange July 2016 Newsletter

This might be a little early but things are happening real fast.

1st. Thursday, June 23rd is the Kirkland Lions Club Ladies Night Out.   Those who have offered to help , please come around 6:00pm except for Bob Scherer.

2nd. Saturday the 25th is the Flapjack Fundraiser. We do need you to come and help at that event. Only lasts for 2 hours from 8-10 and what an excellent way to make some money for the Grange.   Don’t forget to sell those tickets. For each ticket sold and used we only pay Applebee $1.00. Please help to make this a GREAT event.

3rd June 29th is Pomona Grange Picnic at the Al and Lindakay Ebel’s farm at 6199 Wolf Rd. Kingston, IL. Due to the confusion about fair board secretary, I feel a new secretary should have at least a year to learn the ropes so to speak. Therefore, I would be willing to step up to the plate for a term if Pomona Grange members agree to that commitment with the understanding that the second year would be open to prospective individuals to learn the program and then at election become a candidate for the position. First of all I guess an election needs to be held with those suggestions explained.

4th.  .July 12th is Flora Grange’s work night at the fairgrounds. Come as early as you can and bring paint brushes. Refreshments will be dutch treat at Culver’s. The more people that come the easier the load of work to be done and a lot more is accomplished.

5th Time to sign up for working at the various spots that Flora Grange is committee to. Please let me know when and where you would like to work.

Monday- August 8th Breakfast Training at the Sandwich stand to get to know what to do! Time is yet to be decided but I am thinking 7-11am.

Tuesday – August 9th Flora Grange does Breakfast at Sandwich Stand serving 6-9:30am. Workers need to get there by 5:30am. This is classified as a fundraising event as whatever Grange is serving will be reimbursed a portion of the net proceeds for that particular day.

Tuesday – August 9th   Back Gate after horse racing usually around 2:30pm till closing

Wednesday – August 10th Back Gate time to be determined. Money to be collected at that gate also for Truck Pull Event on Wednesday Night.

Thursday – August 11th   Breakfast might need help If you can help there let me know

Thursday – August 11th Flora Grange serving Ham Dinner   10:30-run out usually around 4 or 5pm.

Thursday – August 11th   Back Gate for Tractor Pull Day   5:30am-10:00pm

I think that is enough!!!

I have tickets for all those working at the fair, so do not BUY them. Let me know where and when and you will get a PASS.

Just a couple of more things. Congrats go out to Theo Hildebrand for receiving the honor of Yard of the Month!

Please keep Tim Mundy and Mike Mundy in your prayers. They are both going through some difficult health issues. Don’t forget their family as well as the Frazer family.

Thanks So Much . Laurel

2016 June Newsletter

Wow, I had better get my act in gear if I want to get the newsletter out before the end of the month.

Little Hershey proved that a lot of things depend on the weather, and as you all know the weather May 21st and 22nd was picture perfect which resulted in a lot of people attending both the swap iron day and the car show day. Many thanks to all those who helped from the runners after supplies, to the cooker at the grill, the cashiers, the drink stand workers, and the people behind the scenes. A special thanks to Tom Berry for furnishing the home grown, fresh from the hen house eggs. We heard several comments on how good they tasted. I think preparing them as they were ordered makes a big difference. Again – THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! I am pretty sure a nice profit will be seen at the end of the tunnel.

Another thank you is in order for those who donated food and helped serve the funeral luncheon for Burt Pfluger on Thursday, May 26th. The family was very appreciative.

Now on to June.   Wedding bells are ringing June 4th for Lydia and Vince Melillo. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

June 7-10th is Safety Town. There has been at least one change in plans but everything worked out fine as Bill Zonzo was willing to do his sports safety on Tuesday since Dean Brewer could only do the electrical safety on Thursday or Friday so we chose Friday. Yes, we need a few more helpers. However, enrollment is very slow this year so hopefully after the weekend, parents will realize the deadline is approaching.

June 14th Flora Grange will hold its annual picnic. This will be held at the Grange hall with potluck supper beginning at 6:30 p.m.   Bring your own table service and a hot and cold dish to pass. Scholarships will be distributed as well as the recognition of our distinguished Granger and non-Granger.   Hope to see many of you there. Serving committee consists of Gene and Donna West, George McGee, and Kathy Taylor.

June 23rd We will be serving the Kirkland Lions Club Ladies Night at 7:00p.m. Two meats again so I need some help since it is family style meaning servers take the food to the tables. Please call if you can help that evening.

June 25th will be the Applebee’s fundraising event from 8-10 at the Applebee’s close to Belvidere Walmart. This is the easiest fundraising event we have but we must encourage the sale of tickets to get the people to come. I have tickets available so if you want some, please call. $5.00 buys all the pancakes you can eat, bacon, and drinks. Remember Applebee’s was selected to receive Flora Grange’s non-member community service plaque.


Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and safe travels to all. Keep our members who are dealing with health issues in our prayers: Mike Mundy, Rock Keegan, Bob Berg, and others of whom I am not aware.

Thanks to GG for taking care of the fallen tree.