October newsletter 2020

Flora Grange Newsletter for October 2020

The Governor of Illinois and the Health Department of Boone County has put more restrictions on us in regards to meeting attendance, so with that in mind I would like to purpose that Flora Grange continue with the plans of meeting on October 13th beginning at 7:00pm,at the hall with restrictions of 25 individuals meeting upstairs with social distancing and if needed 25 individuals meeting downstairs, also obeying social distancing.  I feel it is very important to hold a meeting since election of officers need to be held, assignments of committee members and chairman need to be done so that the Illinois State Grange Roster can be completed.(This info was to be sent to the State Secretary by October 1st, however the picnic took prescient and our commitment was not met in a timely fashion.) Plans also need to be made in regard to Hometown Christmas and other upcoming events. Arrangements will be made so that both gathering levels will have sound and will be included in the meeting.  Masks will be highly encouraged.  

I want to thank all who helped with the Pork Chop drive thru supporting the Boone County Fair.  I feel is was supported by the community with over 300 meals being ordered.  Thanks Again Everyone!

The State Grange was not able to hold their meeting as planned, so now it has been changed to a zoom meeting on October 18, 2020.  More information can be found in the October issue of The Illinois Granger.

October means beautiful colors in the tree lines, busy farmers using large equipment on the roads, and busy lives harvesting crops as well as preparing land to handle the winter months ahead.  Please be careful and safe, not only due to the covid-19 but also the surrounding change of seasons.   

As ever, Laurel