December 2014 Newsletter

Christmas is a coming and there is plenty of opportunities to help one another.

This is being written before Thanksgiving so I wish everyone to have a nice Thanksgiving with friends and family.

November 29th Bell ringing for the Salvation Army at PNC bank. Those signing up are as follows: Rogene at 9-10am, Jessica Woodcock at 10-11am, and Mike Mundy at 11-noon. Rogene will pick up red bucket and the Salvation Army gentleman will pick it up at noon on that day. Thanks to all of you.

November 29th-30th Quilting at the hall beginning Friday at 9:00am till ?. Not only quilting but also sewing or any other type of craft. Sharon has invited Juniors as well as adults wishing to learn alittle about sewing to come and make a skirt.

Hometown Christmas is being celebrated the weekend of December 5th, 6th, and 7th. The Juniors will be having a living window depicting the legend of the Candy Cane. At the November meeting it was decided to select our own family and donate a tree which was given to Flora Grange with intention that it be presented to the needy family we select. I have since contacted a representative from the family and found out they presently have no tree since their tree had received water damage and had to be discarded. Wish lists for members of this family include Ron – size waist42,inseam30 Farm and Fleet original #1874 tan or cache pants.

Phyllis – Elastic waist 3x sweatpants and/or sweat shirts

Jennifer 22 years old wants mens medium size gray sweat pants or gift card to Gordmans.

Emily a teenager wants small size pajama pants or a gift card to Gordmans.

Matt 17 years old would like sleeveless ribbed t-shirts size medium or a gift card to Gordmans.

Izaich 7 years of age wants a 3 button polo shirt large size either white/navy/or light blue. (Wears to school as part of uniform).

Jayden 19 month is into large plastic lego set or a outfit size 24 month.

Family needs bath towels, any color.

As attending members know, an additional family was selected and their wishes were mainly gift cards to Walmart or Gas cards. Names are Mike, Patti, Michele, and Brian. They would be able to also use new bath towels and blankets.

The Grange could also has a Christmas list, mainly paper towels, toilet paper, stamps, dish water soap, and/or hand soap.

December 9th will be Flora Grange’s Christmas party and all gifts etc. can be brought to the hall at that time. The Grange will furnish the ham and cheesy potatoes while members are encouraged to provide cookies for shut-in trays. Invite your family to join us as we fellowship together, remembering our blessings and the gift of the child.

December 20th Flora Grange members will be ringing the bell again at PNC. Mike Mundy will pick up red kettle and ring bell from 9-10am, Lonn Buzzell will be ringing from 10-11am and Sheri and Hope will finish ringing the bell from 11-noon at which time the Salvation Army gentlemen will take the kettle. Thanks members for your help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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November Newsletter 2014

Welcome to November 2014. The harvesting of the crops is well underway so please watch for the farmers on the roadways, as they try to watch for you. Remember, their equipment is 5 times bigger than your transportation. THANKS FOR MAKING ROOM.

November 11th will be the next regular meeting beginning at 7:00. Cake, jello and sandwiches will be the refreshments to be served. Serving committee will be Mike and Darcie Chamberlain, Teri Keegan, Marilyn Spradling, and George Morgan.

November 9th will be our Fall Roast Beef Dinner. Saturday, Nov. 8th the hall will be open to make your delicious salads. If you can help at dining please let Donna know or if you can help in the kitchen, let me know at 815-222-6173. Bake sale items are also requested.

Quilting time is November 28, 29, &30th. Each day bring some goodies to munch on and something for pot luck (lunch or dinner). If you are interested in learning how to sew, Sharon Fidder has volunteered to work with anyone with that desire. She has the material, machine, and other necessaries. Item made may qualify for the State Grange Family Activities entry.

It’s time to start planning to ring the bell for the Salvation Army it will be in the same location as last year, PNC bank at the mall entrance door, from 9am –

12:00pm on November 29th. Call me if you can do this for an hour. 815-222-6173. Thanks. I will have a sign-up sheet at the dinner.
November 1st Move the clocks back 1 hour before you go to bed as daylight savings time ends. Also change that battery in your smoke & carbon dioxide detector.
November 4th is our day to show our freedom to VOTE , so get out there and make you voice count by voting.

Thanksgiving is November 27th. Enjoy the blessings and recognize each and every one of them. Let’s remember all the women and men in the armored forces as well.

If you get this newsletter online, great! If you get it online through the Flora Grange web site, good for you. If you get it through the mail and could get it the other two ways please let me know at your earliest convenience and I can take you off the mailing list. Thanks for helping me by keeping the list updated. Mike Ratcliffe P.S. I do not sell your e-mail address to any one or to any spam company. I give you my word. Mike .

Please be aware of your surroundings. Let’s keep those needing help and/ or dealing with difficult circumstances on our pray list, especially Gene Eicksteadt Sincerely, Laurel.

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