Newsletter July 2017

Flora Grange July 2017 Newsletter

Good Morning from Fremont, WI on the 4th of July!!

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The fair is fast approach and I have to make lists of people who are willing to work at the various locations Flora Grange is responsible for. As most of you know, your yearly dues as members of Flora Grange are compensated in the amount of $20.00 per year for the work done by our members during, prior, and following the fair. According to the website of the fair there are 34days, 22 hours, and 11 minutes left to get our act figured out and our planning done. SOO— this is what and who I have so far for the various projects!!

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Tuesday, Back Gate:   Joan and Sharon Fidder from 3:00 till end of day.

Tuesday, Breakfast:   Val and Jim Langendorf, Pennie Beres, Barb Noll, Mryna (syrup table) .

Wednesday, Back Gate; St. John’s 3 peole to collect the entrance fee to get into the infield $20.00 This will be done on the track with a table and chairs set up on the track. Arm bands will be issued and placed upon the person acquiring entrance to the event and insurance waver signed..   Flora Grange member and one member form the church will be outside the track, checking arm bands for people on access lists and making them sign the insurance wavers. No money collected by them. They will keep record of those people on the list that access the grounds.

Thursday, Back Gate: Kyle Woelffer, IN CHARGE,   6am till 10am Kelly Parisot(6-6), Jim Hardy, Jim Langendorf, Val Langendorf,   10am till 2pm Kelly Parisot,                                                                                            2pm till 6pm Kelly Parisot

6pm till close   Todd Hegge

Thursday, Dinner Stand  Pennie Beres, IN CHARGE,   8:30   10:30am till 2:30pm Val and Jim Langedorf, Wayne and Nancy Lyford, Lindakay Ebel, cashier     2:30 till closing Kathee Frazer, Lois Knox (pop)

Friday, Back Gate   Loren Due in charge

Saturday, Back Gate   Loren Due in charge

Saturday, Breakfast: Pennie Beres ( in charge)   Val and Jim, Barb Noll, Mryna (syrup table)

Sunday, Breakfast:   Pennie Beres (in charge)   Val and Jim, Barb Noll, Mryna (syrup table)

Sunday, Back Gate: St. John and secretary office people as well as demo people working off tables on the track. Demo people just there to answer questions. St. John’s and Sec. people take money ($20.00) a person from age 2 on up . All people must sign or have parents sign an insurance waver. ONLY DEMO CARS will be allow as well as support, repair cars on the track . Drivers of these vechiles must pay, have arm bands issued by the demo people, and sign insurance wavers. All people on access lists also receive the arm bands from the demo people, sign insurance waver but do not have to pay the $20.00. Sec office will provide person to collect and transfer money to office or to Jack.

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Now—If you can help in any way, shape, or form please contact me 815-222-6173. Whoever works will receive a pass to the fair. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP OUT ANYPLACE— OTHERWISE YOU PROBABLY WILL GET A PHONE CALL!!

July 11th will be work night at the fairgrounds. We begin at 5 or whenever you can get there. Wear work clothes, bring painting supplies, treats will be at Culver’s following our work session. Passes will be handed out at that time. SEE ME!!

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Sunday, August 6th   – BACK GATE MEETING AT 6:00pm. PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND

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Enjoy the day, Laurel

June newsletter 2017

Wow, I had better get my act in gear if I want to get the newsletter out before the end of the month. What a “character building year” for farmers and people whose professions lead them into the raining conditions outside.

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Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and safe travels to all. Remembering our military and our loved ones is why this particular holiday was established.

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June 6-9th  This newsletter is a plea for members to help spread the word about Safety Town. Reservations are coming in very slow, so therefore word of mouth might help. June 6-9th at the Grange Food complex on the Boone County Fairgrounds beginning at 9:00am and ending at 11:00am. The event is entirely free and along with the two safety issues covered every day, snacks, and crafts are also offered. Please help spread the word.

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June 13th  Grange picnic at the hall. Bring a dish to pass and own table service. Gene and Donna West and George McGee and Mary Harbison will be the serving committee. Community Service Awards will be presented.

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June 22nd Ladies night out for the Kirkland Lions Club served by Flora Grange members. Serving will begin at 7:00pm. Help will be needed as serving is family style with two meats.

 June 24-Flora serving Flap Jack breakfast at Applebee’s restaurant in Belvidere.. 

Keep our members who are dealing with health issues in our prayers: Shance Brockman, Rogene Littlejohn, and other of whom I have not been made aware.

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As ever,