April 2021 Monthly Newsletter

Flora Grange Newsletter Aoril 2021


, Robins, and Some warmer temps are hopefully on their way. I am READY-Are You?

April 11th will be the Roast Beef Dinner Drive Thru with serving/ delivering the meals between
11:00am and 1:30 pm. Help is needed especially for serving and delivering the meals
to the cars. Please let me know if you are willing to help. I would like most workers to be
at the hall by 10:30am on that Sunday. For those of you who have already talked to me you
know the times that I have a·sked for you to be there. Thanks to all. As of right now I have 150
reservations. I am hoping for about 50-60
more. Please pass the word!

April 13th will be our next regular meeting. April being Grange Month I feel it is only fitting to recognize members for their milestone years of service. I have several membership awards to distribute. Hope to see several members there and as usual we will be social distancing, wearing masks, and recognizing Grange Month in some way. We will recognize our members receiving awards as well as celebrate Grange Month with a decorated sheet cake during fellowship. No sandwiches or deserts needed.

April 14th & 15th one quilting group will be quilting
April 17th & 1sth the other quilting group will be using the hall.

April 25th the hall has been rented.

The far-r-iilyof James Trevathan are in need of our prayers. I am sure there are others also needing prayers at this time.

· There are several items which were tabled at the last meeting. Decisions need to be made
concerning Safety Town, Food Stand at Fair, Back Gate Work, and possible improvements at the
fairgrounds. Let us start with Safety Town and hold a short meeting prior to the next meeting at
the hall on the 13th to discuss the possibilities. STAY SAFE-STAY HEALTHY-STAY ALERT
It is preparation and planting time.

time. Beware of equipment on the roads.
Sincerity , Laurel

March Newsletter 2021.


As of this minute, Flora Grange is planning on holding a regular meeting at the Grange Hall but making it a chicken soup and/or chili dues paying supper.   It is hoped that those attending would provide deserts and crackers.  We will begin eating at 6:15p.m.  There is a lot to decide upon as well as a lot to discuss.  Please bring your mask, practice social distancing, and enjoy the evening.  

I am so happy to let you know that our Master/President, Al is at home doing really well,  eating his wife’s cooking,  gaining weight,  surprising medical personnel, and acting like the Al we all know.  Thank you for your prayers.  

Hope to see you March 9th.