April 2014 Newsletter

 April is making it’s way into the year, but between you and me I think the winds of
Aprilhave pushed their way into our lives most of March & February. I am sure there is not a person reading this newsletter that will not be happy when we see the good black dirt and the green grass and especially the robins in our yards and neighborhoods.(I hope I do not need to put this next month).Ha Ha Ha

 April is Grange Month! It is time to think of people to recognize in the community and in the Grange for their community service involvement. Bring those ideas to the meeting so decisions can be made.

 April 5th and 6th beginning after 3:00pm on Saturday quilting will be held at the hall. Don’t forget to bring a snack item for lunch on Sunday. This is more than just quilting, any project you have going can be worked on that weekend.

 April 8th will be Flora’s regular meeting with cake, jello and sandwiches served following the meeting. Serving committee will be Jim and Val Langendorf, Gary and Bev Kalas, and Liz Celitti.

 April 13th is the Roast Beef public dinner. Please mark your calendars now as the time flies by so fast. Help is definitely needed then and just a heads up – in order to keep expenses as low as possible some type of salad for the salad bar is requested from all members. The salad bar is quite a draw and

due to the price of meat going up, members were considering raising the cost of the meal. Hopefully, by keeping the cost constant and providing a jar for donations/tips we can continue to provide a good meal at the same price of $11.00. The hall will be opened on the 12th at 8:00 am for preparing the salads etc.

 A head’s up note – The month of May gives us many opportunities. May 17th and 18th Flora Grange accepted the chance to serve food at Little Hershey. This is an event put on by the Model T club of Rockford. It is held at the fairgrounds and involves a scrap metal and parts show as well as a car show. We are allowed to use the foodstand, at no cost. Mark your calendars now because help is needed. We will begin quite early in the day and serve breakfast items as well as continue thru the noon hour. Plans are still being made. May 22nd we have been asked again to serve the Kirkland Lions Club meeting. This does not require many people, but I would appreciate some volunteers.

 I have seen some robins, but they must very confused since there is no green grass and the worms must be below the frost. Jack seen a couple robins fighting for a worm, both struggling to pull it out of the grounds. Hungry I would guess. Let’s keep positive thoughts as even the calendar is about one month ahead of the weather.

As ever, Laurel

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