January Newsletter 2021

Welcome to 2021!  I think all of us are happy to move into another year, which we hope will bring some normalcy back into our lives.  Although Jack and I think we could get use to a less hectic May through August, If you know what I mean!  

First things first.  A new program    booklet has been made for the New Year.  There probably will be changes and corrections as the year begins to unravel so please bear with me and let me know where corrections need to be made. Books are available and I will keep some in car, just in case I run into a member before our official meeting.  I would appreciate only one per a family (unless you have a darn good reason).

I have been asked to include the following information and request in this newsletter as there is definitely a need.


Dear Grange Friends,

I have asked Laurel to forward this message to you as your new Chaplain at Flora Grange.

One of our devoted members, James Trevathan, Jr, is in need of help.  James has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer which has spread to his liver.  He has been in the hospital twice.  They put a drain in his liver.  A week after that they capped off the drain and put in a feeding tube.  He will start an aggressive round of chemo treatments.  

To top it all off, they were scheduled for a doctor’s appointment this past Saturday, so James started their truck to warm it up and it caught fire. They only have the one vehicle. James’ wife, Barb, is also disabled.

With our current Covid-19 situation, we are unable to get together to do anything as a Grange group.  So I have 4 requests of you.

1. Please pray for James and Barb that the Good Lord will encircle them with his love and bring healing, hope and peace to them both.

2. Please  join in showing James (and Barb) our support by joining in a card shower. 

               Please send your card to:                              ​​                  

                                      James Trevathan, Jr.

                               1106 Ruby Street

                                    Belvidere, IL 61008.

3.  If you are able and would like to help with medical bills and the purchase of a dependable vehicle to get to all the treatments and doctors’ appointments, the family has set up a “Go Fund Me” page on Facebook.  Do a search for James Trevathan Jr, and you will find it on his page.  Any amount that you can give will be greatly appreciated by the family.

4.  PRAY AGAIN!  Your prayers  will be the greatest gift of all!

Emalee Colver, Chaplain Flora Grange #1762

 January 12, 2021   A Free Conference call will be held beginning at 7:00pm.

 Dial In Number   1-425-436- 6398

Access Code   7877154     Host Pin   7949   On Line Meeting ID   laurel ratcliffe0

    Play Back Number   1-562-349-7009  

Good News  Quilter Group has grown so much they have divided into two groups beginning this year.

January 13&14  Quilting at Hall weather permitting

January 16 &17 Quilting at Hall weather permitting More news coming as mitigations are revised.  Prays to the family of Jeff West, Donna and Gene West’s son.