November newsletter 2015

Welcome to November 2015. Harvesting is going well, but there is still plenty of corn in the fields to be brought into the bins.  Please watch for that equipment on the roadways as they are moving a lot slower and they are a lot larger than the car or truck you are driving.            THANKS FOR MAKING ROOM.

November 7th is when the hall will be open at 7:30am for making salad and bake sale items. I will lock the hall probably around 8:00pm.   It has been the policy of Flora Grange, to help defray some of the dinner expenses that members are encouraged to provide a salad to be placed on the salad bar for the dinner.  The Grange provides pea salad, macaroni salad, cabbage slaw.  Due to the health regulations, salad should be prepared at the hall.  We are still looking for anyone willing to work in the dining room on Sunday from 10:45 till we get done around 2:00.  Please call 815-222-6173 if you can work those hours.  As of now I have Laura being in charge and then Darcie, Amber, Kelly, Lindakay, Al and Marion.  We really need a couple of more waitresses and then someone to scrap plates and serve drinks.   

November 8th will be the dinner. The proceeds from this goes toward the maintenance of the hall such as lights, heat, and insurance etc.  Please encourage friends to come.  We will be having carry out meals also so no one has an excuse that we can’t feed them. 

         November 10th will be the next regular meeting beginning at 7:00. Prior to the opening of the meeting, RSVP representative Diana Peterson will be present to explain how RSVP works and Boone County Circuit Clerk Linda Anderson will be present to introduce herself as she is running in the 2016 election for Circuit Clerk.   Cake, jello and sandwiches will be the refreshments to be served. Serving committee will be Mike and Darcie Chamberlain, Teri Keegan, Marilyn Spradling, and George Morgan.

Thanksgiving day is November 26th.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Enjoy your families and your time together.

Quilting time is November 27 28, &29th.        Each day bring some goodies to munch on and something for pot luck (lunch or dinner).  Contact Joanne Wienrank at 815-544-0288 for more details. 

It’s time to start planning to ring the bell for the Salvation Army it will be in the same location as last year, PNC bank at the mall entrance door, from 9am –12:00pm on November 28th  and December 5th. The November date has been filled by Mike Mundy, Jessica Woodcock, and John (Charlie) Bielarz.  Call me if you can do this for an hour on December 5th. 815-222-6173. Thanks.  I will have a sign-up sheet at the dinner.

October 31st is the date to reset the clocks and          change the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

If you get this newsletter online, great! If you get it online through the Flora Grange web site, good for you. If you get it through the mail and could get it the other two ways please let me know at your earliest convenience and I can take you off the mailing list.  

Enjoy the beautiful season with the changing colors but    be aware that winter is just around the corner.                                                          Sincerely,   Laurel

October 2015 Newsletter

It is that time of the month, my how the time files.

October 3rd is Flora Grange’s Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebee’s from 8-10.  Please call with the number of tickets you have sold, because I need to call the facility and report to them by the weekend.  Help is also needed so please plan of helping.  It is an excellent event and an easy way to make funds for the Grange.  Let me know if you can work and then show up about 10 minutes to 8 so we can all hear the instructions together. 

October 3rd and 4th will be quilting at the hall.  Everyone is welcomed as the quilting begins around 9:00am each day.  Bring a snack to munch on. 

October 13th is the next regular meeting at which we have a draping of the charter, installation of new officers, planning for the upcoming fall dinner on November 8th, and distribution of winning entries at state session as well as a report from state session.  Wow sounds like a lot of things!   Cake, Jello, and sandwiches will be served following the meeting which begins at 7:00pm.  Serving committee will be Loren and Pat Due, Kelly Parisot and Eileen Allen.   

Our new slate of officers includes Kyle Woelffer, President; Al Ebel, Vice President;  Laurel Ratcliffe, Secretary; Lindakay Ebel, Treasurer; Kathee Frazer, Junior Leader; Program chairman, Vince Melillo; Chaplain, Donna West; Executive Committeeman for three year term, Bob Scherer.  New committees will be determined following installation and should be announced at the November meeting on the 7th of November.  Hopefully, new program rosters will be available at the Christmas party, December 8th.

State Grange officers will be presenting new programs for the upcoming year at the Boone county Community Grange hall on October 17th.  The title of the event is GRIT- Grange Resource and Information Training.  Potluck lunch will begin at 12:30 and the presentations will begin approximately at 1:30.  The Grange museum will be open  at 11:30 for visitors and friends.

Many members of our Grange family have encountered stumbling blocks along their lives’ pathway.  Keep each and everyone in your prays.  Hopefully you have checked you emails within the past two weeks to keep abreast of a few of the situations.   I have been told that Bob Berg has returned home following a hospital as well as an extended care facility stay.  Trea is making strides on her road to recovery. Stephanie is charging forward with her education plans follow another surgery and anticipating still another.  I am sure there are others dealing with adjustments and situations, of which I am not aware.  Stay Strong!! Be Careful!!!

Time to go and appreciate this beautiful weather.  Don’t forget that school is in session and harvest equipment is traveling our roads.  Please be careful and mindful of what is happening around you.   As ever, Laurel