Building Fund

Our objective is to keep this structure in service to the community and to preserve its historic nature, while making the building more useful and functional to keep pace with the evolving needs of the community.

Our successes so far:

  1. We repaired the roof structure by adding new support for the North  side of the main building’s roof.  We used a large glue-lam beam with 8” x 8” support posts built into the walls.
  2. The mail roof trusses were all rebuilt using reinforcement gussets at the North and South ends.
  3. The foundation on the South side wad rebuilt, and the same foundation for the South end of the East wall.
  4. The South Wall was reinstalled to its correct location, resulting in a level floor.
  5. We installed a new high efficiency propane furnace and sealed all of the related ducting.
  6. We installed a new water treatment system.
  7. We rebuilt the kitchen counters and installed new plumbing for the wash basins.  All of the countertops are now level and have new surfaces.
  8. We installed a external waste water drain system per the Whidbey Island Conservation District design.
  9. We installed ceiling insulation in the mail hall.
  10. We installed under floor insulation for the whole building.

We can still use financial support to make other needed improvements and repairs:

  1. Replace the old lighting system with energy efficient LED lighting.
  2. Replace the stove air vent system with one of higher capacity to accommodate banquets and dinners.
  3. We have many other repairs that need to be accomplished (main hall dance surface, antique glass for 1904 windows, storm windows for the antique windows and high efficiency glass windows for the rest of the building, stairwell sheet rock repair, bathroom repair, etc.)

Thank You!

For more information: Building Fund Project

Building Fund Sponsor Form

The Grange gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Building Fund:


Nancy Nordhoff


Memory of Elsie and Roald Melver
South Whidbey Community Church
Flat Rock Productions
Gary and Tarey Kay
Deer Lagoon Grange Membership
Shirlee Read


Rotary Club of South Whidbey
Whidbey Island Bank – Freeland Branch


Judy Crain
Chuck and Judy Prochaska
Dr. Ray O. Ellis
Sooja C. Nehrlich
Whidbey Telecom
Joanne Hicken
Andrea Linton
Claudia Pettis
Russ Weston
Rome Grange #226
Chris Williams
Marc Wilson and Anza Muenchow
Wendy Sundquist
Peter and Linda Casale
Robert and Roxie Chamuler
Mike McVay
Jeffrey Ewing


Dennis and Cheryl Kamera
Brian and Emmy Atwood
Sue Ellen White


Sally S. Berry
Nancy Waddell
Donna Jenson
Jim Hicken
Wilbur and Karen Bishop
Virginia Lindsey
Michael Seraphinoff & Susan Prescott
Linda Good
Sharon Dunn
Sherrye Wyatt
Judy and Jerry Kaplan