May 20th, 2017

 Next meeting, May 20th, 2017 Curriers Grange Hall, 6 PM, Turreen

March 22nd, Dairy Princess Ambassador, Danielle Herrick, was in attendance.  Years of service, Curriers Grange members, Gertie Schoen 50yrs, Lary Bray 45 yrs, Rose Pilc 40yrs, Warsaw Grange Members, Elcy Altoff 80 yrs, Sherwood Stiner 70 yrs, Carl Gross 70 yrs, Dorothy Youngers 70 yrs, Warren Tuttle 70 yrs, Ruth Todd 65 yrs., (who just recently just passed away) entertained by Curt Burgess with his accordian,  Friends and members.

May 28th, Annual Chicken Bar-b-cue, Check out the events page…..

March 18th, Basket Raffle, 1 pm till 4 pm, Hot Dogs and beverage was available. We would like to Thank supporters to date for the raffle such as, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Paul’s Puter Repair, Sapphire Glass, Beaver Meadow Campground, Java Farm Supply, Larry Romance & Sons, Lamb & Webster, Olive Garden, Alden Bank, Batavia Home Depot, Niagara Chocolate, Yancy Fancy, CSI Tax Service, Veronica, Carolyn, Denise, Crystal Clear Pools, Backwoods Cloggers, Entenmanns’s Bakery Outlet, Wojicks’s Organic Produce, Merle’s Maple, H.G. Miller Farms Inc.,Mike an Leanne Pokigo, Carol Mucklebaum, Jennel Bauer,  Grange Members and non-members and more.

  •  Curriers, East of Curriers at “Hicks Corners” a pioneer settler was Damon Bryant who came in 1825. The family lived at Thelford, Orange Co., N. Y., migrated in 1813 to Livingston Co. then to Allegany Co. and to Java. He was elected one of the commissioners of highways in 1826 and 1827, a most respected pioneer. Of his eleven children, one, Carson Bryant, continued to live on the old homestead until his death in 1880. Carson was twice married, the father of ten children, six of whom died in early childhood. On Sept. 15> 1850, deep tragedy befell the Bryant family and stunned the whole neighborhood for days. His first wife, Rebecca Ingals, in a state of insanity, murdered her two youngest daughters and then took her own life early that Sunday afternoon. The family had noted her disturbed mental condition and that she seemed to be concerned for the future welfare of her children. Hence, she was not left alone for very long. She had told her husband that great trials lay ahead of him. On this morning she had urged her husband to shave and dress, apparently awaiting a chance to get the razor. When Mr. Bryant went to a let near the house to attend some cattle, she sent her three elder daughters on an errand, took the razor and the two youngest, three and six years, to a nearby field and did the deed. Her husband soon discovered the bodies. The funeral, held in an orchard at Curriers, was attended by over 1000 people, so newspapers reported, and the victims were laid side by side in the cemetery there.

Curriers Grange Hall Information

Curriers Grange #1273                                                                      983 Chaffee Rd, Arcade NY 14009              meetings are the 3rd Saturday of the month!

The Backwoods Cloggers dance  every Tuesday,    Contact:  Pat Gunner,   716-537-9895, [email protected]  Classes start in Sept.

Train Dogs upstairs on Wednesday,                                                                           Contact: Leanne Pokigo, 716-537-3022    [email protected]


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