Feb 18th,2017

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  •  Curriers, In 1899, the district, known as Java Noc 3* voted to acquire a new site and building. That summer, the trustees contracted to purchase an acre of land on the northeast corner from Calvin Rogers for $300, The following January, voters approved the site and the erection of a two-story building to cost $2000,later raised to $3000. The project had been delayed and was further impeded by opposition from a minority of the taxpayers who objected, among other items, to a second floor hall, -he State Superintendent of Public Instruction was called in to rule on the proceedings and he upheld the action of the majority. Accordingly, Cheney & Miller were awarded the contract for the structure which was reared during 1900-01. Two teachers were henceforth employed and the registration averaged around sixty or more. As the population of the area declined and the trend toward central schools gained in popularity, the voters approved consolidation in I.938 with the newly created Arcade Central School. Since 1939 but one teacher has been employed for grades one to six. The second floor hall has been used variously for school exhibitions, entertainments, the Grange and as a playroom for the pupils.

Curriers Grange Hall Information

Curriers Grange #1273                                                                      983 Chaffee Rd, Arcade NY 14009              meetings are the 3rd Saturday of the month!

The Backwoods Cloggers dance  every Tuesday,    Contact:  Pat Gunner,   716-537-9895, [email protected]  Classes start in Sept.

Train Dogs upstairs on Wednesday,                                                                           Contact: Leanne Pokigo, 716-537-3022    [email protected]


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