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Clifton Springs Grange #1042 meets the third Monday of the month from September through June at 7:30 P.M. in the Clifton Springs Library meeting room.  The library is located at 1 Railroad Avenue, Clifton Springs, NY.

We welcome new members.  Please leave contact information in the comment section if you would like to learn more about Clifton Springs Grange.

All who share an interest in the betterment of small communities and the surrounding rural area are invited to join the Grange.  Today the Grange combines the friendly bonds of a fraternal organization with a simple and open welcome to new members.  The initial cost is $38.00 per person including one year’s dues.  There is a family dues structure that reduces the dues with the third family member.  Your dues also support the State and National Organizations.

Clifton Springs Grange is an organization whose purpose is to encourage personal growth and promote the welfare and unity of the citizens of the surrounding area through fellowship, community action and fun.

The Grange in Clifton Springs started in 1905.  We have been an active part of the community since that time.

Quote of the month:

“We cherish the belief that sectionalism is, and of right should be, dead and buried with the past. Our work is for the present and the future. In our agricultural fraternity we shall  recognize no North, no South, no East, no West.”
(Grange Declaration of Purposes)

“Speak good of others, rather than evil. Gather up memories of others’ virtues, and pass by  their faults in pity.” (Third Degree, Chaplain)

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