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Local Fireman speaks at Grange Month Program — Burns Grange #160 Michigan
One of our members, Chris Johnston, who had just joined the Shiawassee Township Fire Department was present at our Grange Month Program to speak to us on fire safety. Since he had just taken his test and passed he was well schooled on what types of safety he should stress.

Since the ground was so dry at that time, he stressed that we should be very careful with burning anything…as a matter of fact he suggested not burning anything since there were so many grass fires around.

He told what to do if you had a fire in your home, such as getting out, calling the fire department and letting them take care of it, not trying to do it all yourself. One thing he stressed was if your home is on fire and you get out….don’t go back in. He also told that you should have a plan worked out with family members in case of a fire, on how and where to go to get out of the house.

He told of a few fire calls that he had been on since joining the fire department and how several of them could have been avoided. One of the first runs he was on was a several car pileup due to the icy roads.

Its always good to hear some of these things over and over or get a refresher coarse on safety now and then to keep it in the forefront of your mind. You just never know when you might need this information.

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