Recent Happenings

Burns Grange was organized on Dec. 17, 1873, and have been active in the community ever since.   We have always had fund raisers to take care of our expenses for our hall that was built in the early 1950’s, besides doing many things for the community.   Recently we discovered that we needed to have a new septic system put in at the Grange hall.  This is no cheap venture as we have found out.   Because we are on the banks of the Shiawassee River, also very close to the road and don’t have alot of extra space surrounding the hall, it was decided that we need a system called an Elgin System, which is more expensive that the traditional kind.   This system is going to set us back over $12,000.   So….fund raisers are being planned.   At this time we have a benefit Spaghetti Dinner going on the 3rd of August, with hopes of a super good crowd.  With this we will be having a 50/50 drawing and a silent auction.  At the end of August we have a rummage sale planned at the Grange hall, with lots of items being donated for sale.  The middle of September we have a Swiss Steak Dinner planned, with a bake sale included.    After that we will begin to make more plans to do things to raise funds.  With a little perseverance we will accomplish this!

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