Meeting Minutes

Burns Grange #160         June 17, 2014

Burns Grange was called to order following our potluck dinner.   Roll call was taken finding 9 present, 2 guests and the 2 boys. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Peggy reported that Sharon, Phil and Luanna Swainston and her had attended the MSD graduation. She told about the girl that was Valedictorian and received the scholarship from the MSG and a little about the girl that served as Salutatorian, which had been one of our adopt-a-child participants. It was a very nice ceremony.

Judy read the anatomy of a dust bunny for her Family Activities report.   Amazing what all they are made up of.

Connie told of the Regional Midwest camp coming up and the Youth/Junior Camp that will be held at North Star Township Hall in July.

Peggy reported that the next day would be the Railroaders luncheon and that Friday will be the Lasagna dinner and the jamboree.

Communications consisted of an appeal letter from the Junior Director, Connie for funds for Junior Grange, letter from the Byron DDA, Blackmore and Rowe Insurance notice, and the Wilbur Simpson last will and testament.

Bills included the hall insurance $1,191.00, Chris for mowing $40.00 Riverside for RR lunch supplies $24.96, MSG Invested for hall loan $1,000.00, MSG JG Fund $50.00, Byron Park Board—concession fee $20.00, Consumers 65.27 Total bills $2,391.23.   No income.   Arlene moved to approve the paying of the bills, Gary supported. CARRIED.

There was discussion on the Wilbur Simpson money that has been left to the Grange — $15,000.00.   Since we don’t know when this will be awarded us, we should continue on as is.

Golf tournament was discussed.   Groups were selected to canvas the surrounding towns and ask for sponsorships and donations of prizes. Sharon & Peggy will cover Durand, Perry, Bancroft and Swartz Creek. Judy and Bill will cover Owosso and Corunna. Gary and Evelyn will take care of Byron, Linden and Argentine.

The July 18th jamboree will be an ice cream social. After discussion it was decided we would serve it upstairs between 6 and 7 p.m.   We will charge $2.00 for one scoop and $3.00 for two.   Cookies will be made by Judy, Evelyn, Sharon and Peggy.   Ice Cream toppings are needed.

The Junior Grange Appeal letter was discussed.   Peggy moved to give $50.00, supported by Evelyn, CARRIED. Judy added another $20.00 to that amount.

The Candidates night for July 15th was discussed.   We will serve cookies, punch and coffee upstairs beginning at 6 p.m.   Program will start at 7 p.m.   Looking for a time keeper and Peggy will get in touch with Jerry Lostracco to see if he would serve as the emcee. Judy thought maybe Bill would be the time keeper.

Judy announced that Ray and Sharon Blair are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this week. Cards are to be sent to them, Mary Scribner and Lewis Hodge.

The Lecturer’s program consisted of a Spring Word Scramble, readings:   Sunflowers and Sunshine, Sunflowers trivia and Observation of growing older.

The silver march was collected. Grange closed at 7:55 p.m.

Fraternally submitted:   Peggy Johnston, Sec.Burns Grange #160


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