Meeting Minutes

Burns Grange #160  March 7, 2017

Grange opened with W.M. Sharon Popler in the chair.  Roll call was taken finding 7 officers present.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Standing Committees

  • Membership – Sharon stated we need new members, especially working members, and for everyone to please ask everyone to join.
  • Legislative – Chris reported that there are currently four people being vetted for the Under Secretary of Agriculture. The White House has officially reopened for tours with President Trump meeting the first group to go thru.  There is currently a conference going on being led by Flint Mayor, Karen Weaver and Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder.  The estimated end of the Flint Water Crisis is 2019 with plans to replace 6,000 pipes this year.
  • Deaf Awareness – Sharon read a story from the 2016 state session contest regarding what would it be like to be deaf.
  • Agriculture – Chris reported that a bill has been presented to end the Endangered Species Act and stated how it could help and hurt farming.
  • Family Activities – Sharon read different ways to recycle cards
  • Jr/Youth/Young Adults – Chris stated that the National Junior Director is planning for the first time a Virtual Junior Grange Meeting.
  • Community Service – Sharon stated that David Mitchell has received the 2016 Conservation Farmer of the Year Award and will get a congratulations card mailed out to him. She then reported that the Jamboree brought in 120.00 from the dinner, 52.00 from the 50/50, 26.00 in donations with a 100.00 donation from a couple.  The next Jamboree meal is going to be Irish Stew which Peggy and Sharon have the items for.  The following people will provide other items: Maryette – Cake; Evelyn – Cake, Cookies, Milk; Sharon – Cookies, Salad and Loaf Bread.  It was requested that people arrive about 2:00 pm to get set up and everything ready to serve at 4:30 pm.


  • Received a membership letter from the Byron Chamber of Commerce, along with their schedule of meeting dates. Gary moved to pay the $15.00 membership fee, Evelyn supported.  Motion Carried.

Financial Report

  • Financial reports was given on the current accounts.  Bills were listed.  Chris moved to allow the bills paid, Gary supported.  Motion Carried.

Old Business

  • Fundraising
    • Sharon reported that we aren’t able to do a bake sale at Riverside on Good Friday, April 14th. It was requested that she check back with them for another date, any date that we could have a bake sale.
    • Peggy’s suggestions on the Rada Knives were looked at. Chris pointed out each of the products that were on her suggestion list.  Discussion on the paring knives was decided to order just one style paring knife and add a longer bladed knife to the selection.  Chris moved to go ahead with the purchase of the discussed items to be sold during the events held at the hall.  Gary supported.  Motion carried.
    • Sharon asked about the possibility of a rummage sale on April 28/29 and a craft sale on September 23rd. Some discussion was held and decided to table the subject to a future meeting.

New Business

  • Gary reported that the window upstairs should be fixed. Suggestions for a handy man were discussed.  Sharon will look into getting some estimates from different handymen and contractors.
  • Sharon stated that the parking lot has a lot of cracks that need to filled, as well as her wishes to get the historical sign hung back up, and getting the rocked moved back to the front.
  • Sharon also reported that the Grange sign in front was being repaired.
  • Chris mentioned that he had a request from the Shiawassee Township Fire Department. They wanted to know if the Grange would be willing to help them purchase a new AED.  The cost is $1,600.00.  He discussed this with Peggy and Sharon, but he is going to take the request to the Michigan State Grange Foundation.  He also mentioned that we have been turned down on burning the brush down on the riverbank.
  • Sharon reported that Lisa Leader from the Bancroft 4-H club had asked about using the hall for their meetings. Sharon met with Lisa on Monday and gave her a key to the hall.  The group consists of 10-12 kids who show dogs.
  • March 21st is the next Grange meeting. We are back to having two meetings a month.

Silver march was held.  Grange closed.


Connie Johnston, Secretary Protemp

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