Why join the Grange?

Why join the Grange? Here are the top reasons reported by our members:

  • Fellowship                                                                                                                                               

Join your neighbors for fun,                                                                                                    family-oriented social activities:                                                                                              dances, picnics, fairs, camps,                                                                                                    parades, holiday functions, and                                                                                                charity events.


  • Community

Become involved with an organization
that has a history of making a
difference locally. Learn more about
your community leaders, local issues,
and work together to find solutions.

  • Leadership

Develop leadership skills by being an
officer or committee chairperson.
Learn to be a leader in a supportive,
mentoring environment among family
and friends.

  • Service

Contribute to your community by
working together to address local
problems and support charitable
causes. For example, Granges
support public schools by donating
dictionaries to third graders and by
volunteering their time to help

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