Meeting Recap: September 16, 2013

Beverly Grange # 306 met on Monday, September 16th at the Hastings House, Beverly Farms.

The evening featured the Installation of Officers by the Master of the Massachusetts State Grange, Brother Matthew Johnson, and his suite. Guests for the evening included State Grange First Lady and Master of Heritage Pomona Grange Lisa Johnson, Member of the Agriculture and the Environment Committee and Master of Laurel Grange Peter Carter, and Overseer of the M.S.G.Y.L.A. Brett Johnson.

The next meeting of Beverly Grange will be Monday, October 21st, featuring a program on Old Time Radio presented by Brother Richard Freeman.

Meeting Recap: Summer 2013

Beverly Grange # 306 has held two non-business meeting during Summer 2013.

On Monday, July 15th, a planning meeting was held and the scheduled program for 2013-4 was set.

The annual Cookout was held on Monday, August 19th at the Hastings House, Beverly Farms. A good time was had by all.

The next regular meeting will be the Installation of Officers on Monday, September 16th.