Updates from Our September Meeting

Hello folks! We will be changing what content we will be placing on the website going forward. So here is our new format for our Monthly Meeting information.

Unfinished Business

Big thank you to those who worked the Fair, we had 3 days of rain out of the 9 days we were open, but we still did a great job. Friday we did not feed this judges like we normally do, but there is a Fair Members committee meeting in November where this will be addressed for next year.

We have decided to allow the Sportsman Fellowship Meetings to continue at our building. This fellowship is open to any man that has a desire to hear about the Lord and fellowship with like minded individuals over a dinner, once a month. If you would like more details, please let us know.

We are in the process of making room in our parking lot to accommodate more parking and more handicap spaces. We are also looking for any building material donations to assist with the process of adding a storage building to our property

We are doing great at the Colonial Heights Farmers Market on Saturdays. Banners are in the works to add more information to our booth. We have found a possible way to offer samples of our Stew as well. There will be a possible date for prep and cooking of more Stew since we are getting low for the Farmers Market and the cooler months offer a possibility of more Stew Sales.

Basket Bingo is just around the corner and we are in full swing. We need donations for the table gifts and items for our baskets. Please see Becky or Loretta for details.

Dictionary numbers are already in thanks to Ms. Pam. She has already called all of our schools on our list and has a total number for the Words for Thirds Program. It was motioned that any Dictionaries left from last year be passed out at the Farmers Market to school aged children. It was approved and will be done at the next Farmers Market.

New Business

It was announced that Pam will start a Youth Grange (ages 15 to 34), our Grange is growing and we need to be ready to grow with it. We believe that Pam will be a great Leader for the Youth program. Now that Pam will be leading the Youth Grange, Stephanie will be the new Leader for the Junior Grange (ages 5 to 14). Pam will head up the first Juniors Meeting September 19th for a craft and to say good-bye to the kiddos.

Next Friday is our first Bingo of the new season, if you would like to donate a dessert or a dinner, they are welcome to. (Dinner meaning, a side dish or meal such as Lasagna or green beans, etc.)

State Session will be held at Bellafont Grange October 14th & 15th. Please see Melinda if you will be attending, Bellafont needs a head count for the dinner on Saturday. Also, if you have not received your 6th Degree you can Saturday before the dinner. If you would like to submit something in and of the contests, a list will be provided on our Facebook Page. Submissions need to be presented Saturday at Bellafont or given to someone that will be going if you can not attend.

Halloween Party is October 28th at 6:45pm to 9pm. We have decided that it is better for the Trick or Treater’s to come on the Saturday before because of possibility of school in the morning for some. This makes it possible to enjoy the festivities without having to miss out on the fun. We will not book any rentals on the two weekends prior to our Halloween Party so we are able to get things decorated and set up. This is a FREE and SAFE event to the public so please make sure to get the information out to your friends, family, and neighbors.


Pray for those who have been effected by Harvey and those who will be effected by Irma.

As always if you have any questions or comments please leave them here or call a member, we are always happy to hear from you!


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    • Carol, Our bingos are every Friday and yes they are open to the public. The building is open at 6:30pm and we have workers in the kitchen if you would like something to snack on. Cash only for the kitchen, Cash or check for Bingo.

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