Hey everyone, we hope you have been having a great summer. The Grange is getting close to getting back into our normal routines for the fall and winter season. We would like to make a few reminders that are coming soon.

August 26th to September 2nd we will be at our newly painted Grange Building at the Chesterfield County Fair. Come join in the festivities by purchasing our home cooking or joining us in the kitchen by helping us serve the community. We always welcome volunteers!

September ?? (date questionable at this time) our Junior Grange will start meeting again!! Our Juniors this summer went to the Southeast Region Conference in Florida and are looking forward to the new possibilities coming from the National Grange. If you have a child starting at age 4 to age 16, they are welcome to join in for only $5 for the year! Meetings are held twice in a month, but September will only be one meeting because of school starting the first week.

Bingo will be starting back September 15th and will be going through the school season on Fridays. Make sure to keep tabs on Special Bingo’s like Vendor Bingo or Basket Bingo. These Bingo’s are fund raisers for special groups in your community to help continue what they do for the community.

Well I guess that is all the housekeeping we need to remind you about at this time. Remember we meet the first Thursday of the month and we welcome the public to attend. If you have questions or would like to join our wonderful volunteer organization, leave a comment, post a post on our Facebook page, call the Beach Grange or a member, or just stop at our fair booth and say Howdy!

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