Meeting Notes 7-6-17

Sorry for the lack of communication lately, we have been busy bees and summer fun has gotten in the way. Here is the update from our last meeting, if you have any questions or comments please leave them here or on our Facebook Page. (Notes taken by Jayna)

Notes from Thursday’s Meeting:
7/29 – Pamona Meeting at Beach Grange – we have a rental conflict so date and/or location may change.
8/5 – Quilt Blocks due. See Melinda for details.

Juniors – no update

Sunshine – no update

Building and grounds – Fair building got rave reviews. Thanks Larry and all others who helped him get this done! Thanks to the membership for allowing him to do this.

Bingo – met 2 weeks ago. Changes to program and numbers of players vs. payout are coming. Need volunteers for Friday night bingos.

Basket bingo – check presented to Jeffrey Reed Foundation. Brought his dad to tears. They were concerned about funds and being able to keep going with this. Check provided when with scholarships for the next 2 1/2 years! Jeff Reed as a boy was a boy scout that met at the Grange building who’s troop leader was Rob and Mel. Jeff Reed passed during his deployment and went to school at L C Bird, there is now a scholarship fund and veteran assistance fund in his name. (WOW!)

Unfinished Business – 4th of July went wonderful! Bags and prepped packages were very nice. Sales lost because no credit/debit cards accepted. Will look into having square app for the fair! Pricing was better than all other vendors!
National Night Out at Mid Cities – Grange is taking drink machine to sell sodas. See Nick for details!
First Tee Luncheon on June 6th – went well, thanks everyone.
Rental for Colonial Heights Farmer’s Market – NEED VOLUNTEERS! Started selling stew – sold 11 out of 15 first time! Set up – arrive around 8:15 am, opens at 9:00 am and goes until Noon. See Janet or Kimberly if you can volunteer or have questions.

New Business – Fair is coming! August 25th – Sept 2nd. See Facebook for updates from Robert. Becky will check with Rob regarding spraying for bugs at fair building. 8/22 is food buying trip. Make sure you sign in and out when at the fair. This helps us keep track of hours worked for community service book.
Planning a 1/2 stew batch for Sunday 8/13. Need Volunteers to help.
Fall Basket Bingo set for 9/30. Melinda will send out save the dates. To benefit: Journey 4 Hope for Autism. Crystal will get Melinda info on them.
7/19 at 7:00 pm – Kitchen staff meeting at Grange. Need more volunteers – we have lost 3 helpers. Please come if you are interested in working in the kitchen for Friday night bingos.

Suggestions for the good of the Order: Stay Cool, stay hydrated, and don’t talk with your mouth full!

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