2023 Chili Feed Images

Below are a few images from our Chili Feed Dinner. It was another wonderful event and our thanks go out to all of the volunteers who helped make it happen as well as all the great folks that came and supported us with cash and food donations so we can continue to help those in need in our area. Be sure and click on each image to see a larger version!

Getting Ready
Grangers getting ready for the Chili Feed!
Empty dining room
An empty dining room just waiting for our guests.
Grangers in the kitchen
Here is the gang of Grangers in the kitchen preparing the meal!
Guests getting served
Guests are getting served in the Kitchen.
Dining area filling up.
Dining area is finally starting to fill up!
Lots of friends here
Lots of friends are having a great meal and visiting with friends!
Just about full
Lots of friends have stopped by and are having a great time!