The 2013 Champion of Seniors Award

lovelle1Texas State Grange Award – 2013

Sister Lovelle Nord (pink jacket), a life-time member of Alamo Grange, currently living and working in Dallas, TX, represented the Texas State Grange in presenting the Texas State Grange Award – 2013 to the staff of Representative Jeb Hensarling .

Background: Medicare has come under attack more in the last few years than any other time in history. The Grange is a defender of Medicare and the organization wants to recognize the Members of Congress who have done good things for Medicare beneficiaries and who aren’t afraid to be champions of Medicare.

The Grange’s “Summer 2013 Champion of Seniors Award” is given to commemorate leadership on behalf of Medicare, in addition to Members’ commitment to protecting the doctor/patient relationship and preserving the options and choices that are important to older Americans.

Specifically, the “Summer 2013 Champion of Seniors Award” is given to Members who:

Exhibited outstanding leadership in Congress to protect Medicare, which is critical to millions of American seniors and their families.

Opposed across the board cuts made by unelected boards.

Ensured access to affordable prescription medicines for seniors through the Medicare Part D program and opposed any efforts to implement price controls or similar measures that would lead to increases in premiums for seniors.

Demonstrated a continued commitment to protect the doctor/patient relationship for seniors so that they may choose the best plan for themselves and their families.

Represented senior constituents with individual issues before government agencies so that they receive the benefits and services they have earned.

Supported government services and necessary funding for senior programs in the Representative’s district.

I complement Sister Lovelle and many thanks to her for taking time out of her busy schedule for representing the Texas State Grange in presenting this most important award.

President, Texas State Grange