June 18, 2013

President Joan Smith called the meeting to order via telephone at 9:02 a.m. from New Jersey, where she is looking after grandchildren.  Participating initially via telephone and later live was Steward Amanda Brozana.  Present in the 10th floor Saunders Library of the National Grange Building in Washington, DC were Ceres Beverly Mitchell, Lecturer Samantha Johnson, Treasurer Amber Bell, Secretary Richard Weiss, Austin Miller and intern from China Rachael.

Minutes of the May 26, 2013 meeting were approved as read.

Treasurers Report

As of May 31, 2013 the Operating Fund balance at BB&T Bank was                      $570.60

As of May 31, 2013 the Kile Fund balance at PNC Bank was                              $30,339.70

Potomac Grange’s first quarter 2013 dues are slightly overdue.  Payment will be made the week of June 24 when the latest membership list is available from vacationing Stephanie Wilkins.

Old Business

Construction of the kiosk at the National Arboretum, to which the Potomac Grange has contributed, is still on hold.  An open invitation to visit the Arboretum stands for the Potomac Grange.

Amanda will follow up with Kimball Elementary School regarding the quilt project to determine when it wants to do the project, if it is to be part of the After School Program and what type of quilt is desired.  Potomac Grange will pay for the materials from the Kile Fund.  Once the type of quilt is determined, Samantha will get cost estimates.

The National Grange Fly-in was very successful and the three youths who received Potomac Grange scholarships to the Fly-in got good coverage in their local media.

The invitation to visit the Mason-Dixon Farm near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania still stands.  It was decided to try to visit a Saturday in September, perhaps the 21st.  Austin will coordinate with the farm.

As a fund raiser it was decided to have a used book sale along with some baked goods.  It was decided to have the book/bake sale after Labor Day.  Amanda will head up organizing the event.

New Business

Steward Amanda Brozana and Overseer Leroy Watson have discussed the possibility of Potomac Grange conducting a study on real estate investment trusts as a possible means of setting up community Grange hall ownership.  Leroy will work on a proposal.

The Department of Labor has recently issued six criteria that must be met in order for non-profits to have unpaid interns.  Should the National Grange not meet all six and be required to pay interns, it was proposed that the Potomac Grange might finance future interns. Brief discussion showed some opposition to this idea and it was decided to table it until it is determined whether or not National qualifies for unpaid interns.

Communications Committee

Amanda and Samantha produced a very attractive and effective fact sheet to accompany the 2013 dues notice.  It is credited for better than expected dues payments.

There was no further business.  The meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.  Next meeting is scheduled for August 20, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. in the 10th floor Saunders Library of the National Grange Building in Washington, DC.


Respectfully submitted,

Richard B. Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1