147th Iowa State Grange Annual Session – Day 1 Recap

The first day of the Iowa State Grange Session has come and gone. We started the day at 9 am with many welcomes to new and old friends and the meeting of our honored guest, Mandee Stauder, from Kansas State Grange, which then lead to the session starting. President, Dwight Baldwin, made his Annual Address in which he addressed healthcare and the Partnership for Fighting Chronic Disease. We then set into committee work (Transportation, Good of the Order, Agriculture, Citizenship, Education, and Audit) while the juniors did a craft project (sensory i-spy bottles). To end the night, we will have the annual banquet where community service awards and other awards will given out. Honored guest and speaker, Kelly Guilbeau, of Milkweed Matters, will be speaking at the annual banquet.