Youth activity idea: Scrabble tile coasters

Grangers work on their scrabble coasters.

The Pennsylvania Grange youth department organized a take-home project that was a hit at its recent young adult conference, Scrabble tile coasters. It might sound crazy, but I think the genius was in its simplicity and uniqueness.
The idea was discovered by Pennsylvania State Grange youth director Ellen Wadsworth on Pintrest. A short search and presto, I was linked up to a set of instructions that I could share.
First, you need to purchase Scrabble tiles. They can be purchased online through craft supply stores or Amazon. The other supplies are cork board cut into squares to fit about 4 tiles across and 4 tiles down, glue and polyurethane spray.
Arrange the tiles toGrangers work on their scrabble coasters.

build words or a message, use blanks to fill in spaces, and glue the tiles onto the cork. Once dry, take the coaster outside to spray and seal with the polyurethane and let dry.
For photos on the how to, go to

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