Low cost ideas for positive community impact

For me the answer is an absolute yes. It takes dedicated teams that takes stock of their community and pinpoint some needs and roll up their sleeves and get to work. Not every job requires a lot of money. It might just require some organization skills and the investment of Granger time.

With Grange month just around the corner, here are some ideas to consider.

  • Remove litter and debris from several miles of neighborhood streets.
  • Organize a collection of electronics for recycling.
  • Collect gently used clothing for recycling – take them to a shelter.
  • Promote the use of waste receptacles along biking and hiking trails.
  • Organize a food drive.
  • Plant flowers and bulbs in a schoolyard.
  • Plant flowers and bulbs around a Grange Hall.
  • Start a group that will build and plant flower boxes for your downtown streets.
  • Organize a yard work crew to clean areas in older cemeteries, parks and church grounds.
  • Start a community garden or a hunger garden
  • Organize a garden tour, showcasing the most beautiful lawns and gardens in town-inspire more beauty in your town.

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