January Director Update

Greetings state directors – I hope you enjoyed the holiday season.

The new year brings a chance to focus on new goals/missions for each of our youth departments. I know many of you will be hosting reorganizational meetings with your youth committees and/or state leadership.

The new year also can bring a change in department leadership. If you are turning your state department over to a new director, please forward this email to the new director. Also send me their contact information so I can update my department listing for 2016.

The new handbook is available at http://nationalgrangeyouth.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Youth-2016-Program-Book.pdf. Please distribute to your youth committee, subordinate/Pomona youth directors and other leaders.

The National Department has a focus on legislative/citizenship/get out the vote. The 2016 presidential election generates plenty of excitement among younger voters. This excitement can be utilized to develop workshops to teach youth how to register to vote or why its important to vote (Apathy Not Allowed program), learn how to visit with elected officials or speak on behalf of their local Grange at school board/town council/township supervisor meetings.

At the 2015 National Session, we did release a new “recipe book” of ideas for youth activities. I have attached the booklet here for you. There are plenty of ideas from other Grangers that could provide some inspiration for your local departments.

Social media: We have a Grange Youth Department Facebook page, twitter account and youth department blog located at: http://www.grange.org/youth/. The blog is where I post department news and updates. Also, if your department has something you would like to share, I can post it on the blog as well. Ideas would include news from state camps, contests, lock-ins, family weekends and other state department updates.

Regional conferences for 2016. The states are still working out the details, but as of now, here are the dates I have for conferences.

Eastern: New Jersey April 8-10

Great Plains: Oklahoma June 17-19

Midwestern: Wisconsin June 24-26

Northeast: New York, July 8-10

Southeastern: Virginia July 29-31

Western: Oregon August 5-7

Thanks so much for your work, dedication in 2015 and best of luck with a successful 2016.

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