Bringing an ‘Intrapreneurial’ Spirit to Your Grange

How often have you wanted to make a difference in your Grange and were left wondering how to get started? If you have, great! Now it’s time to tap your inner intrapreneur. What is an intrapreneur – it is a person that acts like an entrepreneur within a larger organization.

In his 2012 keynote address at the University of the Arts, London, award winning author Neil Gaimen told the audience “do the stuff that only you can do. The one thing you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story your vision.”

Put your individuality to good use to develop new, innovative ideas that can benefit your Grange. Engaging in growing your Grange could increase your satisfaction with your membership and your value to your Grange.

Wondering how to get started? Start by considering your personal and professional attributes and strengths. Need help with developing some skills? Participate in a Grange youth program, contest or achievement seal program.

Look at your Grange and look for ways to add value to your Grange and identify challenges or needs. Use creative problem solving tools to come up with solutions. Develop your presentation skills so when you have an idea you believe in, you can pitch it convincingly and confidently. For help, turn to a trusted Grange member for advice and support.

If you present the idea and it is not approved by the members, don’t give up, go back to the drawing board. Refine the idea, take feedback from members further develop your idea. Remember, many great ideas were rejected the first time around – Barbie dolls for example were rejected at their first proposal.

When you get the go-ahead from your Grange, start turning your idea in a reality with careful planning. If a large project, it might be wise to do a smaller scaled project at first and grow it responsibility.

Need help with planning? Use the PI2 Project book, available on the National Grange Youth website,, to build out a plan. Make sure to share your final report with your state and national youth director. Your idea could be the next great concept to help grow the Grange.

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