Connecting Grange Youth to Jobs

Last week, the National Grange Youth Department started a LinkedIn group called National Grange Youth Connections. The purpose of the group is to start connecting Grangers of multiple generations. The strength of our organization is the diversity of career paths and talents. The interests of Grange youth and young adults are just as diversified.

My one college professor said the best jobs are not found in an ad, but by word of mouth. This is how I believe our Grange fraternity can help one another. Look at the Grange motto – “In essentials, unity; non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, charity.” As Grangers, we seek to help one another.

Maybe it’s helping a Grange youth seeking advice about a career interest. Or, a Granger seeking a talented intern for their company. Or for a young adult, maybe they are looking for a career change or advice on how to advancement. The options are endless and if one Granger can help another, isn’t that what this organization is all about? Helping a Granger with a need?

To join the group, search for “Grange Youth Connections” after you sign in with your LinkedIn account. The page is still a work in progress and hopefully can serve as an incubator for career mentoring and development.

As always, I am looking for advice on how to improve the page. For Grangers, it will be a place to post job listings and start group discussions for career development and interests.