Lewis County Granges

Washington State has the largest Grange membership in the nation.  There are more than 250 Community Granges and 41 County Granges across the state. Thirteen Community Granges serve hundreds of members in Lewis County alone.

We invite you to visit our Pomona Grange and see what activities and programs the members of our Lewis County Granges are involved in.

Adna Grange #417 – Adna, WA
Location: 123 Dieckmann Road
Contact:  Bonnie Scherer at 360-740-1950, Hall: 360-740-1742
Meets 3rd Thursday evening at 7pm

Baw Faw Grange #34 – Curtis, WA
Location: 995 Boistfort Rd, next to Fire Station
Contact:  Lori Eades 360-245-3291 – Hall:  360-245-3207
Meets every 4th Monday evening – 6pm Potluck, 7pm Meeting

Cowlitz Prairie Grange #737 – Toledo, WA
Location:  5180 Jackson Highway
Contact:  Sandy Bickar  360-864-2601
Meets twice a month:  
2nd Wednesday evening – 6:30 Potluck, 7:30 Meeting
4th Wednesday evening – 7:30 Meeting only
Nov. and Dec. Meetings:  2nd Wednesday ONLY

Ford’s Prairie Grange #33 – Centralia, WA
Location:  2640 West Reynolds Rd
Contact:  Shavanna Burlingame 360-978-4728
Hall is open for rentals!

Forest Grange #153 – Chehalis, WA
Location:  3397 Jackson Highway
Contact:  Dottie Tobin 360-748-4712  Hall:  360-262-3493
Meets 4th Tuesday evening – 7pm

Hope Grange #155 – Winlock, WA
Location:  120 Antrim Rd off of Hwy 603 in Winlock
Contact:  Mike Porter at 360-785-0304     Hall: 360-785-3197
Meets 1st Tuesday evening – 6pm Potluck, 7pm Meeting

Lincoln Creek Grange #407 – Galvin, WA
Location:  1500 Lincoln Creek Rd
Contact:  Marin Marlantes at 360-807-6678
Meets 2nd Saturday evenings on varying schedule:
May thru September at 8pm — November thru April at 7pm

Logan Hill Grange #1086 – Chehalis, WA
Location:  Corner of Hewitt & Logan Hill Road in Chehalis
Contact:  Bob & Patty Knapp at 360-748-4927
Meets 2nd Tuesday evenings on varying schedule:
April thru Sept. at 8pm – Oct thru March at 7pm

Mossyrock Grange #355 – Mossyrock, WA
Location:  152 Isbell Rd
Contact:  Ed & Marilyn Armit at 360-983-3874
Meets 2nd Wednesday evening – 6pm Potluck; 7pm Meeting

Newaukum Grange #198 – Chehalis, WA
Location:  104 Brown Road East
Contact:  Jerry Owens at 360-262-3887; Hall# 360-748-0803
Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings:
      2nd Thursday 7:30 Meeting; 4th Thursday 6:30 Potluck, 7:30 Meeting
Hall Rental:  Bob or Carol Lee Kraemer – 360-748-4006

Oakview Grange #311 – Centralia, WA
Location:  2715 North Pearl Street
Contact:  Alice Coakley at 360-736-5639
Meets 1st Thursday evenings at 7:000pm

Silver Creek Ethel #150 – Ethel, WA
Location: Corner of Brim Rd & Highway 12 East
Contact:  Betty Brannon at 360-985-2832
Meets 2nd Tuesday evening at 7pm – Refreshments follow.

St. Urban Grange #648 – Winlock, WA
Location:  Corner Sargeant Rd & North Military Rd
Contact:  John Schaefer at 360-785-4305
     Meets 2nd Thursday evening at 7:30pm
Beginning in September 2016 – MEETING TIME/DATE CHANGE:
3rd Thursday of month – beginning at 7pm


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