Stelvideo Grange has put in Fair Booths for as long as I can remember, and that’s been at least since 1982.  At that time, the week before the fair, our Grange Hall Building at the fair was filled with all our Darke County Granges putting in booths, 8 booths.  Lots and Lots of Laughter!!  Grangers helping Grangers!  It was great! Now, we put in 2 booths.  One is filled with Youth, Juniors, Pomona, Family Activities, Stelvideo; the other is our Promotional Booth, which is a huge great booth!  We sell our county’s cookbooks, give out free recipes with Grange Trivia on the back, free candy, free coloring pages, free sign language & deaf activities, free Grange Comic books, plus Grange applications and information flyers.  We have a table and chairs for fairgoers to sit and relax, to eat, take a break and to cool off with fans available. And on Tractor Pull nights, we pass out free earplugs.  We sit in the booth all 9 days of the fair from 10 AM to 10 PM.  We are there to answer any questions or just talk about the Grange.  It’s a great way to show our enthusiasm about all the great things the Grange has to offer and what the Grange means to each of us!