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Fair Committee

Current Members

  • Keith Koehler
  • Sheron Koehler
  • Kim Moulson

The Theme for this years Clallam County fair is “RACE EWE TO THE FAIR” the fair dates are August 14,15 & 16 with th 13th being the final day for booth setup.   We will be in need of——:

  1. Workers for Booth Construction,Set-up and Tear down.
  2. Produce Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Grasses (Items should be Granger grown).
  3. Home Canned Items (Per Fair rules these should be this years canning).

This is just the beginning list but please keep these in mind.


Hall Committee

Current Members

  • Keith Koehler Chairman
  • Bob Stipe
  • Joy Barrett
  • Sheron Koehler

If you are a member of Sequim Prairie Grange and are interested in participating on this committee please contact Keith Koehler by E-mail at and use Hall Committee in subject line.

If you are part of our Grange and would like your committee information posted here please E-mail information to and use WEB in Subject line.

Thank you,

R. Keith Koehler WEBMASTER



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  1. Lanny Cotler says:

    Hello Brother and Sisters!

    I’m the editor/publisher of the Independent Grange Communications Network Newsletter. The latest issue is out and needs to be seen by all Grangers. It has something in it for everyone. The purpose of this newsletter is to grow the Grange. We feel the way to do that is to find relevant articles that will point to the way to interest the younger generation in joining our beloved fraternity.

    Take a look at the latest issue. Then download it. You can either forward the file to those Grangers with email, or print it out and share it with others.

    That’s it! Here ya go:

    Please take a look!

    Lanny Cotler
    Editor, IGCN News
    Little Lake Grange, #670
    Willits, CA

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