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Redland Grange #796 Location

18131 South Fischers Mill Road Oregon City, OR 97045

Officers and Committe Chairs 2014

Master: Dick Wanker.     503-631-4687 or 503-412-8210   email.

Overseer: Cory Hawkins.     503-367-4412                   email.

Lecturer: Destiny Fluharty.    360-904-8623              email.

Steward: Clayton Anderegg.   971-276-9674

Assistant Steward: Dean Anderegg    503-935-0507

Lady AssistantSteward: BillieAnderregg    503-658-2453

Chaplain:   Frances Pringle.   503-631-7722

Treasurer: Shirley Gilman       503-631-2649.      email…

Secretary: Gertrude Thompson    503-631-2065      email.

Gatekeeper: Howard Miller    503-829-8297

Pomona: Annette Wanker    503-631-4687 /

503-432-569o.  Email:,


Ceres: Cathy Assad          971-201-8751

Flora:  Sandra Foley.        503-631-8019

Executive Committee:    Fred Anderegg 503-658-2453

Trudy Lachnite 503-631-8818

Doyle Amos.  503-631-2293

Musician: Coralynn Congdon 503-631-8598

Agriculture: Doyle Amos.  503-631-2293

Legislative: Howard  Miller. 503-687-8359

GWA: Frances Pringle 503-631-7722

Community Service: Annette Wanker 503-631-4687

Building Inspection:Dean Anderegg.  503-935-0507

Deaf Awareness & Family Health: Cathy Assad.  971-201-8751

Membership: Clayton Anderegg. 971-276-6974

Education: Clayton Anderegg.  971-276-6974

Youth: Paige Pelker 503-631-8818

Energy: Cory Hawkins  503-367-4412

Hall Rental: Fred Anderegg       503-658-2453

Landline 503-407-4871

Cell Phone 503-658-8037


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