Celebrating 150 Years!

Greetings Fellow Grangers! This is Redland Grange #796 from Redland, OR. We’ve been a little quiet lately on this page but wanted to let you know we’ve made a come back and are ready to share! This will be a little lengthier of a post than normal.

Last month (April) we had our Adopt-A-Road Clean Up. Twice a year we participate cleaning up Hattan Road. This particular road is near a heavily used park. It often is littered with debris. Many members participated and enjoyed a warm meal afterward. Yum!

We are in the process of getting together ideas for our annual booth at Canby Fair and Rodeo.  As members, we enjoy going to the fair and seeing other booths and youth participating in competitions and agricultural shows. We especially enjoy the grange cookies!

Another item on our agenda is looking into putting on a community yard sale. We are looking out a few months from now but are wanting to do an event to bring in some new faces.

Tonight at our grange meeting learning something new! We were given a history on our American Flag. It was a great program and interesting to learn just how many times our flag has changed! We also learned the meaning behind how our current flag is folded. What a great evening catching up with friends, good food, thinking of others and celebrating our membership!

We also love visitors so please feel free to stop by and check us out!

Learning about the flag folds.

Wow! Look at how many times our flag changed!

Showing us the proper way to fold to ensure only the blue stars are showing at the end.

These flags do not need to be folded the way our current one is folded but we were shown them to see the differences.

What a great program!

Redland Grange Meeting/Potluck Dinner Information

Redland Grange Meeting
2nd Thursday of the Month – 7:00 PM
18131 South Fischers Mill Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Redland Grange Potluck Dinner
2nd Thursday of the Month – 6:00 PM
18131 South Fischers Mill Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Potluck picnic open to the public second Thursday of July

Hot dogs & hamburgers provided by Redland Grange 796

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