Rental Agreement





Today’s Date _______________________Event Date _________________________.


This Rental Agreement is made between Pleasant View Grange No.164, Incorporated, referred to herein as “Grange” or “Grange Hall” or “Owner”, and

(print name) ________________________________________________________


(address) ______________________________________________________________


(phone #s)______________________________________________________________




(Colorado DL#)__________________________________________________________,

referred to herein as “Renter”. Renter must be at least 21 years of age.


Owner agrees to rent the Grange Hall building, its facilities and contents (excepting those specific to the Grange), for the period of:

(event date)_______________ (event time)_____________to_____________


Renter agrees to pay $___________ as rent, plus $_________ as damage, cleaning, key, and adherence-to-rules deposit subject to retention by the owner or refund to the renter as provided in paragraph below, and under the Pleasant View Grange #164 rules stated in Exhibit A, included and attached herewith.


The Grange Hall shall be used by Renter solely for the purpose of __________________


_________________________________ and Renter shall not use or allow to be used for any other purpose, or in violation of any law, ordinance, or government regulation, or for any other purpose or in any manner hazardous to the Grange Hall or unsafe to any occupants. Renter also agrees to abide by all rules listed in Exhibit A.


Renter acknowledges that renter has examined the Grange Hall and premises, is satisfied with the condition thereof and relies completely upon such examination, and not upon any representation or promise of the Owner or any other person in renting the Grange Hall.


Renter shall be responsible for all liability occurring or resulting from the consumption of any alcoholic beverage in the Grange Hall or on its premises during the rental period. By signing this agreement, Renter acknowledges that alcohol cannot legally be sold at the Grange Hall and agrees to abide by the law.


Renter shall maintain order throughout the rental period, and shall not engage in, or allow others to engage in any event or conduct in the Grange Hall or on its premises, which may cause harm, injury or damage to person or property during the rental period.


Renter shall secure from the public agencies having jurisdiction, any license or permit required as to any activity or purpose for which the Grange Hall or its premises are to be used, and shall pay any cost or fee required for such license or permit.


Upon expiration of the rental period, Renter shall return the Grange Hall and its premises to Owner in the same condition as at the commencement of the rental period, abiding by the rental rules and completing and abiding by the cleaning requirements listed in Exhibit A attached herewith, and shall return any keys to the Grange Hall. Renter also agrees to NOT copy any keys temporarily given to them.


If use of the Grange Hall by Renter results in damage to the Grange Hall, its premises, or any contents furnished by the Owner, the Renter shall be liable to the Owner for the amount of such damage. The Owner shall apply the damage deposit referred to in paragraph above, up to the amount of such damage. If the amount of damage exceeds the amount of the damage deposit, the Renter shall pay the Owner the amount of such excess promptly upon demand by Owner. If Renter fails to pay such excess amount when so demanded, and Owner brings suit against Renter to recover same, Owner shall be entitled

to be awarded costs and reasonable attorney fees in addition to any amount awarded Owner by the Court for damage. However, Owner shall promptly return to Renter any portion of the damage-deposit which is in excess of damage, if any, to the Grange Hall or its premises, or any contents furnished by the Owner.


If the Renter fails to comply with the Rental Rules or fails to complete or comply with the cleaning requirements listed in Exhibit A attached herewith, the Owner has the right to retain any or all of the deposit.


Renter shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless from any and all claims, losses, liability, demands, suits, or judgments, including attorney’s fees, legal costs, and personnel costs, brought against Owner by any person or entity for deaths or injuries to persons or for loss or damage to property arising out of or in connection with the use and occupancy of the Grange Hall and its premises by Renter, it agents, servants, employees, or invitees.


The Grange shall not be liable for any damage or injury to Renter, its agents, servants, employees, or invitees or any other person, or to any property occurring on the Premises, or any part thereof, or in common areas thereof. The Renter accepts the leased premises in the “as is condition” and shall not hold the Grange liable for any disruption of use or termination of use caused by ongoing construction, use restrictions or governmental regulations. The Renter shall not hold the Pleasant View Grange #164, Inc., the building owner, liable for any injury or damage resulting from any condition including worn or defective floors, wiring, or by the breaking, freezing or stoppage of the gas or plumbing; furthermore, Renter agrees to assume the risk of injury to himself, his family or guests arising from slipping or falling in the common passageways, parking lot or other general areas, whether or not these areas are kept free of snow, ice and water. The Renter agrees to indemnify and hold the Pleasant View Grange #164, Inc., harmless for against any and all liability, arising from injury during the term of this lease to person or property, occasioned wholly or in part by any act or omission of the Renter, Renter’s guests, employees, and assigns. Pleasant View Grange #164 Inc. is not responsible for any property owned and/or used by the Renter in the Premises.


In Owner’s sole discretion, Owner may require a properly executed Certificate of Liability Insurance on which the Owner has been named as the Certificate Holder, and as an Additional Insured, OR shall be named on the Renter’s liability insurance policy as an Additional Insured for liability arising out of the use of the Grange Hall by the Renter for the duration of the rental period.


This document, including Exhibit A attached herewith, contains the entire agreement and understanding between the parties relating to the Grange Hall and its premises. No modification or claimed waiver made after the date of this agreement shall be binding upon the parties unless in writing making specific reference to this agreement and signed by the Owner and Renter.


Renter’s signature______________________________________Date_____________________


Owner’s representative





I have been informed that music provided by a DJ is not allowed at the Grange Hall. I agree to monitor the sound level of the music or entertainment at my event so that it does not exceed the county noise ordinance. I understand that if the county sheriff or officer has to summoned to my event, that I will lose part or all of my deposit and my event may be ended immediately.


Describe the type of music or entertainment that you will have at your event:




Renter’s Signature ______________________________________ Date ___________________




Rent Received $____________date_____________ by_______________________


Deposit Received $____________date___________ key given by____________


Deposit Returned $___________date____________ key returned __________by____________




Please report any problems to Grange contact:

Jerry Hubbard, 303-396-7935, 303-604-6382 mailto:[email protected]




Rental Rules

  • The Renter must be on the Grange premises during the entire event.
  • Noise and/or music may not exceed Boulder County regulations.
  • Unheeded warning from Grange representative to reduce noise will result in a report to the sheriff, immediate shut down of the event and the forfeit of the entire deposit.
  • All event activities, noise and music will stop at 10PM.
  • All event participants must leave by 11PM.
  • Number of guests shall not exceed 100 in main hall and 49 in the basement.
  • Children must be supervised inside and outside and the rules followed at all times. No rock throwing, bottle throwing, littering, damaging the flower beds or annoying the neighbors.
  • No smoking inside the Grange Hall.
  • No gum allowed inside the Grange Hall.
  • Use only the north side of the building for parking, and do not play car radios in parking lot.
  • No open fire on the Grange property.
  • No camping or overnight stays.
  • No property of the Pleasant View Grange #164 or items belonging to the Pleasant View Grange #164 should be removed or damaged.
  • When leaving, the renter must turn down heat, turn out lights and lock all doors.
  • All cleaning must be completed by the time specified in the Agreement.
  • Return key to the Grange by the time specified____________________.

Failure to follow any of the above rules will result in retention of the entire deposit.



  • Remove any event debris inside the Grange Hall, including but not limited to streamers, balloons, trash, tape on walls and the ceiling fan, signs and thumb tacks.
  • Clean up all food and drink spillage.
  • Return chairs and tables to their original places.
  • Sweep and mop the main hall floor with the designated cleaning materials provided by the Grange and in the manner explained by the Grange representative.
  • Disinfect sinks and toilets in both bathrooms with supplies provided.
  • Sweep and wet mop both bathroom floors with cleaning material provided.
  • Clean kitchen and basement area if used, returning it to the condition it was before using.
  • Rinse wet mops thoroughly and return to storage area.
  • Shake out dry mops thoroughly and return to storage area.
  • Pick up and dispose of all litter on the grounds of the Grange, including but not limited to candy wrappers, bottle tops, cigarette butts, candy sticks, bottles, cans, party decorations and other trash.
  • Haul away all trash and garbage and LAWFULLY dispose of it.

Failure to perform any of the above cleaning will result in the retention of a fee from the security deposit for each violation.

Any damage to the Grange Hall or premises, or failure to comply with the Grange Rules will result in the retention of the entire damage deposit. Failure to properly perform and complete the Cleaning will result in retention of all or part of the security deposit. Reconciliation of the deposit will be within a week of the event, by mail, to the address of the Renter.


I have received this list of rules and cleaning instructions and I understand my obligation to follow them,


_________________________________________________________ _______________________

Renter Signature Date


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