June Announcement

On Thursday May 16th Pineland Grange held its monthly meeting. The Grange meeting offered a great opportunity to discuss insurance in an environment with no sales pressure. Laurie Allen, who has 25 years of experience in insurance, gave a talk.

Renters insurance was discussed. This insurance is ideal for those who do not own their home. In certain situations it may be advantageous to add this insurance to a home-owners policy. This insurance is good to have in the aftermath of a fire, mainly because it helps relieve the emotional trauma associated with one’s home burning. Mr. Allen said it made no sense to buy more insurance than the value of a house’s contents. If the contents of a house are worth $500 and a $1000 policy is purchased, the policy only pays the lesser amount of $500. To assure a policy pays as it should, it is helpful to update a household inventory after every major purchase. Mr. Allen noted one of his most difficult tasks was dealing with fraud. Most fraud occurs when a person finds himself cornered in a bad financial situation with little recourse. One of the brightest parts of his work was helping people through traumatic times.

Pineland Grange’s next meeting will be Thursday June 20th. A covered dish supper will be at 7:00 p.m. with a program at 8:00.

A moment was taken to remember Rev. Billy Dotson, a member of Pineland Grange. One thing noted in particular was even when he lost his ability to speak, he never lost his ability to say a prayer.