Awards, etc

Wow . . . this summer has been busy.

Our fair booth was another winner – First Place Contemporary, First Place Fair Theme, and People’s Choice in Contemporary.  What are we going to do next year?  We have a reputation to uphold (3 years running).

Just received notice that we have earned the National Distinguished Grange.  Will have to work hard to keep that for next year.

Did you notice that our banner has changed?  Thank you to Alice for providing the photo.


125th Washington State Grange Convention – Final Day

Wow!  It’s been a long week.  A lot was accomplished.  Today the Youth & Juniors did their rituals and award presentations during the morning session.

Guess What?  We won the first place prize in the Youth Raffle!  $400 to go towards replacing the wood stove chimneys in our hall that are disintegrating.

Silent Auction items didn’t do too well this year.  Looks like we’ll have to come up with a better basket for next year.

Afternoon session had us approving yesterday’s minutes, installing our newly elected officer, and a fun program put on by the Has Beens.

Next year will be in Ellensburg!

Your delegates will be traveling home tomorrow after a good night of rest (hopefully).

125th State Grange Convention – Day 4

Red Tennis Shoe day . . . there were a lot visible as well as a lot of red shirts.  This was in honor of JR Day.

We started the morning out with more Committee reports, hearing from our National representatives and hearing from Rep Ed Orcutt from the 20th Legislative District.  We also honored Happy Valley and Agate Granges for having 100 years of continuous attendance at Convention.  Congrats!

Noon started with the Ice Cream Social by the Junior Grange.  Yummy!

Afternoon session had us finishing up the Committee reports, approving yesterday’s minutes and final Lecturer’s Program.  We also had a presentation by the Juniors the results of their year long fund raiser for the Summit Assistance Dogs.  They raised $2,191.91!  well over their goal of $2,000.  Our guest speaker was Bud Hover, Dept of Agriculture Director.

We finished off with a group photo taken at Vancouver Landing.   There is the State Grange Talent Contest this evening.

Tomorrow will be our last day.

125th State Grange Convention – Day 3

Today was a long day.

Marcy attended the Family Living Celebration Breakfast.  Awards were presented to Subordinates and Pomonas (sorry to report we didn’t get anything).

The morning session was filled with more committee reports and voting on resolutions.  Today had some hot topics in Grange Law & State Legislative.  Oh, there were new attendees – each of the State Officers had a critter at their station.  By noon, one was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Youth Department.  In the afternoon, another one was kidnapped.  Haven’t heard if a ransom note has been issued or not.

Lots of laughter, especially over the the critters.

Back to the meeting . . . we had a Guest Speaker in the morning – Jack Field, Executive Director of Washington Cattlemen Assoc.  He talked about EPA, Clean Water Act, WOTUS and encourages everyone to check out the website for more information.  This is critical for our agricultural community that uses ditches (non-navigable waters).

Granger of the Year was awarded during our morning session – Congrats goes to David Howard, former editor of the Grange News.

We were supposed to have our Group Photo today but the weather was not cooperative so it has been postponed to tomorrow.

The afternoon included approving yesterday’s minutes, more committee reports, entertainment and another speaker.  George Caan, WPUDA Executive Director.  Did you know that the Grange was very instrumental in the creation of PUDs?.

We finished off the evening with the Celebration Banquet and live auction.  Our Grange received a Certificate of Appreciation from the State Membership Director for signing up 2 new members in the last year.

We also took some time out to check out the Lecturer’s and Family Living Displays.  Contest entries were checked out and we have several blue ribbons, a First Place and 3rd Place Ribbons in sewing (congrats to Joyce Kludt).

125th State Grange Convention Day 2

A day late but that’s okay.  It was a very long day.  Opening ceremonies included the Master’s address, approving lots of minutes, and adopting lots of things pertaining to the session.

Some committee reports were finalized and we voted on them and any resolutions they had.

Then we broke for a picnic lunch at Vancouver Landing (next to the hotel).  At least the weather was cooperative.

The afternoon was filled with Degree work.  The First Degree was done in the tradition of 1889.  Wow, it was really different.

Alice  & I took some time off and went to Ft Vancouver to enjoy the day.  Here is just a couple of photos of the fort site and one of the mansions on Officer Row.Ft Vancouver  Officer Row


We came back in time for the evening Degree work.  The Rose Drill was beautiful.

More photos can be found at the Washington State Grange facebook page as well as Pierce the Elk.

125th Washington State Grange Convention Day 1

We had a busy morning with turning in our entries, auction baskets & cookies.  We also turned in items for the Youth Departments Keep Washington Warm Project.

100_9495 100_9496

Committee work started at 10 am and most were done by 11.  This will be presented to the Delegate body over the next couple of days to be voted on.

This afternoon was the Memorial Service for Past Masters and their spouses plus a roll call memorial.  It was a very beautiful ceremony.

We then had a fashion show that included two of our own members.  They started in the 1970’s and went backwards to the pioneer days.

100_9490 100_9492


Then we had a reenactment of the very first State Grange meeting.  This was entertaining and some topics haven’t changed.

The evening ended with a bake sale auction and an old fashioned square dance.

125th Washington State Grange Convention

Good evening.  Your delegates safely arrived at the Red Lion Inn Vancouver at the Quay for a week of busy work.

Who are your delegates?  Marcy Belles, Treasurer and Alice Coakley, Secretary.  We have our committee assignments.  Marcy is on the Taxation & Fiscal Committee and Alice is on the Education committee.

Alice is also involved with the 1st Degree work.

Convention  actually starts tomorrow.  We will be submitting our contest entries, auction items, and cookies for the hospitality suite.  We will be working in our committees.

We will keep you posted throughout the week.

Summer is almost here

Where has the time gone?  We will be having our June meeting this coming week.  That will be a busy meeting . . . planning our Work Party that will be held on June 14th, deciding on our 2014 fair booth display.  We also have the 125th State Grange Convention coming up the end of June.

Last Month was our contests.  Will post information as to how well we did later.

No meeting in July as that is traditionally haying time.

That’s all for now.

Marcy Belles, Treasurer and Co-Webmaster.