Bee Removal

Grange members Larry Dunn  and John Poirrier began the bee removal operation at 4 PM on Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Used hand held probe (1024x683)Bees in Joist space (1024x683)

We used a hand held video probe to locate the hive above basement ceiling,  then cut an opening into the ceiling and peeled down the insulation.

Lots of bees and combs (1024x683)Close up (1024x683)

There were lots of bees and 12 naturally formed honey combs.

After removal (1024x683)Bees un able to re enter (1024x683)

Attachment points give an indication of the arrangement and  number of combs.  After chinking the entry crack, bees were unable to re-enter the structure.  The capture box was loaded with parts of the removed combs and other brooding material to attract the bees that were foraging while we removed the hive.  We were done by 8 PM.

2 thoughts on “Bee Removal

  1. Very interesting photos. Is it unusual to find honey bees in this situation? My experience has been yellow-jackets moving in to sheds and buildings.

  2. This bee experience is leading to the establishment of a honey bee project for the North Pole Grange. Experimented in 2017 and harvested almost 5 gal of honey from bees feeding on Red Clover field at the North Pole Grange.

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