• Welcome to Worcester Central Pomona Grange website. Worcester Central Pomona meets at 7:30 pm on the second Wednesday of September, December, March, April, and May. Meeting locations are at the various Community Grange locations. Please refer to the Program Schedule page for locations.

    The Grange has four levels, Community, County or District, State, and National. Worcester Central Pomona Grange is a County or District Grange. Membership in a Community Grange is required to be eligible for membership in a Pomona Grange.
    Four Community Granges comprise Worcester Central Pomona’s district; Central Community Grange, Holden Grange, Rutland Grange and Sterling – Shirley Grange.  Additional information on the Community Granges can be obtained by visiting their websites at the following links:
    To learn more about Worcester Central Pomona Grange you can email us at [email protected]