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    betsy - "Great conference in Atlanta this weekend!"View
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    nationalyouthdirector - "Midwestern regionals bound!"View
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    jetaylor - "Sitting at Mom’s with Ed Luttrell, just got in from Ed’s National Master’s tour meeting at Beach Community Grange."View
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    Ellen Weist - "I am looking for pictures and locations of Quilt Blocks on Grange Buildings around the Nation. Scrubgrass Grange in PA will be sharing a know how at the National Convention. Fairview Grange in Washington and […]"View
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    pastpaprez - "The PA State Grange has new Royalty: Junior Princess and Prince: Anna Benzio (Beaver Co) & Isaac Mengel (Berks Co) Youth Ambassadors: Lindsay Schroeder and Noah Gesford (both from Berks Co) Young Couple: Jennifer […]"View
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