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    Don’t think I know you. Where are you from? I joined Grange in NH when I was in high school. Have lived in Maine for 42 years, so I guess I might be a native Mainer now. My husbamd is retired. We are “back yard farmers”. Grow our own veggies, blueberries, raspberries, apples, grapes and a few more. We’ve got a small flock of chickens. Life…[Read more]

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    Hi! I’m new at this. At present I’m LAS of my home Grange in S. Sangerville Maine #335
    Also am Flora of Piscataquis Pomona #11 and on state CWA committee. In my spare time I work a full time factory job, have three grown children and 5 grandchildren. My Grange roots are in New Hampshire.

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    A beautiful day in the State of Maine. A little more sunshine like this and we’ll hae blossoms on our peas!