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Revival of Granges in Ritchie County began about 1947 with Granges organized as Highland # 512 then Mountain Grange # 515, South Fork Grange # 520, Rainbow Grange # 527, Grant # 528, and Grass Run #522.
Now only two of the Granges are still active in Ritchie County Southfork # 520 and Rainbow #527. Rainbow Grange # 527 at Beason was organized May 1, 1957 by Deputies Bryson Garner and Dewey Simonton, with 44 charter members. Two members remain active in the Rainbow Grange. Those members are Fredia Richards and Stella Richards.
They first met at Barnard’s Roller Rink and the Pennsboro High School Gym. Then Ray Cottrill donated land for a building to be built on Pullman Road. All worked together to build a Grange home, which was occuiped in 1957.
Joseph Wilson was the first master from 1957-1958; Charles Tallman from 1958-1959; Frankie Tallman from 1959-1960; Carl Barron from 1960-1962; Jack Thomas from 1962-1963 and 1964-1965; Lewis Cottrill from 1970-1971; Stella Richards from 1973-1974; Harry Junior Taylor served as Master 1965-1970, 1971-1973, and 1974-1996. Harry Junior’s son Michael Taylor starting serving as Master in 1996 and is still our Master.
Rainbow Grange has been involved in several activites throughout the years. Some of the activites that we have done are hosting a painting class, Meet the Candidates, Fall Fling, Christmas program, signing Christmas cards for the West Virginia Veterans home, donation of toys to the Pennsboro Volunteer Fire Department, adopting our current Solider Andrew Lipscomb, Relay for Life fundraising, serving dinners to families in the community that have lost loved ones, Adopting a Spot in front of our Grange to Beason United Methodist Church, making a basket, Free clothing give-a-way, signing Christmas cards for Pineview Nursing home, making and giving pink ribbons to the Ritchie Rebel football team ,Governor’s Meet the Candidates evening, Longaberger ® Basket Bingo, volunteering at Southfork Grange in cleaning and serving at their annual ramp dinner, signing Veteran’s day cards for the Veteran’s Nursing home, Honoring our past Masters, reforming the West Virginia Junior Grange, and having a community yard sale.
We curently have 3 50 year members: Stella Richards, Fredia Richards, and Jack Langford.

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Rainbow Grange