About Me

I am the Secretary for Fairview Grange #1351 and the Lecturer for Pomona Grange #66 (Beaver Co.) Fairview Grange is located in Ohioville Boro with an Industry mailing address. We are on the edge of the state before heading into OH along the Ohio River….
I am also the Leader for Fairview Junior Grange #546 and am on the Beaver Co. Junior Grange Committee for Camp, degree team and more!
My family loves being involved with the Grange.

Personally I have a degree in Art Ed. and LOVE to do all sorts of crafting and creating! I work part time for a photographer running the Dream Day Services which is the Bridal Consulting and DIY assisting. I LOVE helping others bring out their creativity! My family enjoys camping, the outdoors, reading, sports and music, . We pretty much enjoy nearly everything life has to offer!
My husband and I are also the leaders for teh local 4-H Community Group that we began this Spring along with another couple. We are enjoying it so far!!

I am A Member of The Following Granges

Fairview Grange #1351 and Beaver Co. Pomona #66