• On June 6, 2015, Kuna Grange presented a Certificate of Honor to Brigadier General Ret. Willard G. Nelson for patriotism, courage, and service to our Country about self during the time of the Vietnam […]

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    April was Grange Month and this year the Kuna Grange continued its annual tradition of honoring a local Teacher, Firefighter, Police Officer, and Community Citizen of the Year, as well as naming a Granger of […]

  • ThumbnailApril was Grange Month, and again we had fantastic honorees.  From left to right in the above photo: Dave Langton was named Firefighter of the Year; Detective Mark Hudson received Police Officer of the Year […]

  • April was Grange Month, and this year our honorees were certainly deserving.  From left to right in the above photo: Tim and Belinda Gordon were named Community Citizens of the Year; Jessica Tookey received […]