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    I have recently been elected as Chairman of the Executive Board of the Florida State Grange,and I’m an affiliate of nantucket Grange#378.Please explain what “affiliate” means?

    • Subordinate Grange Affiliate Membership –
      A Fourth Degree member may not be a member
      of more than one Subordinate Grange at the same
      time except that Fourth Degree members may be
      elected to membership in one additional Subordinate
      Grange as an Affiliate Member. A proposal for
      Affiliate membership and election thereto shall be
      the same as provided in Section 4.6.4 above except
      election to membership shall be by majority vote
      by paper ballot. Such Affiliate Member shall pay
      the applicable membership dues and be entitled to
      hold office and vote in the additional Subordinate
      Grange, provided that Affiliate Members are clearly
      designated as such in reports to the Secretaries
      of State Granges and the National Grange, and further
      provided such Affiliate members shall not hold
      the same office in two Subordinate Granges at the
      same time.
      Subordinate Grange Affiliate Members are eligible
      to hold office in State Granges and participate in
      contests sponsored by the National Grange. Neither
      of these two benefits of the Order may be exercised
      by such Affiliate Members in more than
      one Subordinate Grange, State Grange at the same