• chetbacon posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    I must totally dis agree about our President’s comments! GMO is totally dangerous to agricultural – it has been already shown to have a link into the destruction of our bees. It also has been shown to have had adverse affects on people who now exhibit intolerance to wheat.
    “The National Grange, along with everyone else in the Washington ag community, has been eagerly awaiting the Court’s decision on this case, as it has the potential to be a significant game changer not only for agriculture but for any product that contains a self-replicating element,” National Grange Legislative Director Grace Boatright said. “If the Supreme Court didn’t rule in favor of Monsanto’s argument there would be little incentive to produce and promote inventions if a company or individual lost all profit-making potential after the first sale of a self-replicating product.”

    National Grange President Ed Luttrell said the move also assures an abundant food supply into the future.

    “The Supreme Court’s decision is not only good for agriculture and ag business, but it reaffirms the fact that genetically modified products are not only safe but also necessary if we intend to produce enough food to meet future needs,” Luttrell said. “The Grange is a supporter of GMO products and a supporter of the individual farmer’s right to use this technology when available. Until credible scientific evidence suggests that a real danger exists, there is no reason not to utilize GMO technology.”
    It think the Grange has dug itself into a hole being for GMO! Many members like myself are against GMO engineering! It would have been a far better thing for our President to have taken a poll of its members on their feelings about GMO and its affects before stating the Grange’s support of GMO engineering! Just my opinion and as with me – we are an organization with many members not one person’s opinion speaking for us all.