Minutes 2013-08-18

Manchester Community Grange   Aug 18th Meeting Minutes

Worthy master Stuart Light opened the grange at 2:11 p.m.  Meeting was held in conjunction with Pot Luck Dinner

M Stuart Light:  Present
O Mike Ruff: Absent
L Ellen Weist:  Present
S Curtis Howland:  Present
AS Jason Robertson: Absent
LAS Ally Haystead – Absent
CH Kali Fyre: Present
Tr Ofer Nave:  Absent
Sec Emily Sandblade: Absent
G Matthew Ping: Present
C Denise Hoitt present
F Sandy Pierre Present
P Cj Maxey Absent
EC3/2 Ron Helwig Present
EC3/2 Sandy Pierre present
EC1 Joan Bastek present

Members -  Jack Eaton
Dignitaries:  Chris Heath

Ellen Weist agreed to take minutes for the meeting.

Meeting Minutes from Aug 18th Minutes not available for review and no vote could be taken.

Treasurers Report – No report

Old Business:

National Convention -  Denise Hoitt and Ellen Weist working on arranging Breakfast Nov 12th for visiting dignitaries.  Information on meal plans are on-going, no new business.  Solicitations  from area business’s continue.

Meeting Location in Manchester -  No new news to report

Reports to State Grange -  Community Service report due Sept 15th along with recommendations for individuals we wish to recognize (Police Officer,  Teacher,  Legislator, Veteran) if we wish to participate.

Correspondence with State Grange:

Growth Summit Aug 24th being held at Tuftenboro Grange.  Ellen Weist plans on attending.

Article was submitted to Hannah West for the Sept Issue of the Granger concerning the presentation to the World War II Veterans at the NH Veterans Home in Tilton.

Correspondence from National Grange:    CDs on Women in World War II received.

Correspondence from NH Veterans Home in regards to July 31st presentation to their World War II veterans:

I want to thank you for these photographs, and more importantly the efforts  by your organization to recognize our WWII Veterans. The Residents and Staff were commenting about the ceremony for several days, and we had our Public Information Officer Leonard Stuart put together a  series of pictures that displayed on the TV monitor we have in our  café area. Lots of folks were able to revisit the event. I look forward to working with you and your group as you recognize  Veterans from other eras going forward. Thanks again . Tom Heald

National Convention Plans

Friday Nov 15th – The Manchester NH Chapter of the American Red Cross and the NH State Grange Community Service Committee are sponsoring a Blood Drive on Friday, November, 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  at the National Grange Headquarters, Radisson Hotel.  Coordinated by State Community Chair Dick Patten

Chris Heath is looking for a presentation on site at the State Grange Building on Nov 12th during the breakfast.  Discussion with Jack Eaton concerning an aquaponics display .  The Idea Fair committee is interested in having the display on site during the National Convention Idea Fair Nov 14 – Nov 16th.

Resolution Day :

Peterborough Grange #35 Resolution.  Motion to Approve –  ,  Seconded  Denise Hoitt  Unanimous vote of all present to inform Peterborough Grange #35 we support the resolution for requiring mandatory labeling of genetically engineered products.     See Attachment 1

Sept 8th Elections for Officers 2014 is being held.

Sept 22nd – Installation of new officers and board game day with pot luck

Oct 6th -  Hike in lieu of business meeting.  Official location has not been decided ,  Massabesic or Mt Kearsage has been discussed.

Grange closed at 4:01 pm
Attachment 1

GMO Food Labeling

WHEREAS, the Grange recognizes that consumers have the right to receive accurate and thorough information about the products they feed to their families; and

WHEREAS, the potential long-term risks to public health, the environment and the future food supply from genetically engineered products are largely unknown; and

WHEREAS, safety studies on genetically engineered products are limited because biotechnology companies generally prohibit their cultivation for research purposes in seed licensing agreements; and

WHEREAS, some independent peer-reviewed research that has been done on genetically engineered crops has revealed problems with liver and kidney functions in rats; deformities and neurological problems in vertebrates; and lower nutrition content in pesticide-resistant Roundup Ready crops; and

WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure that genetically engineered crops are safe to grow, the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that genetically engineered products will not harm the environment and the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that genetically engineered food is safe to eat; and

WHEREAS, the United States federal agencies that regulate genetically engineered products, including crops and animals, have not yet enacted a comprehensive plan to adequately oversee and monitor genetically engineered products; and

WHEREAS, farmers who produce organic or non-genetically engineered crops run the risk of crop contamination from nearby genetically engineered crops; and

WHEREAS, farmers who unintentionally grow patented, genetically engineered seeds or who harvest crops that are unintentionally contaminated with genetically engineered traits could lose marketing options and face costly lawsuits; and

WHEREAS, a 2012 Mellman Group poll found that 91% of American consumers wanted all genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Peterborough Grange #35 supports mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered products; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the NH State Grange support legislation in favor of GMO labeling in NH; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the National Grange support GMO labeling on the national level.

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