Minutes 2013-07-21

Greater Manchester Grange meeting, 7-21-2013

Worthy master Stuart Light opened the grange at 2:11 p.m.

Attending were guests Stuart Light, Zack Plante non-member, Denise Hoitt, Joan Bastek, Sandy Pierre, Chris Heath, Beth Merrill, Ellen McManus, and Emily Sandblade.

Master Stuart Light:  Present
Overseer Mike Ruff: Absent
Lecturer Ellen Weist:  Present
Steward Curtis Howland:  Absent
Assistant steward Jason Robertson: Absent
Lady Assistant Steward Ally Haystead
Chaplain Kali Fyre: Absent
Treasurer Ofer Nave:  Absent
Secretary Emily Sandblade: Present
Gatekeeper Matthew Ping: Present
Graces: Ceres Denise Hoitt present, Flora Sandy Pierre Present, and Pomona Cj Maxey Absent
Exec committee members Joan Bastek present, Ron Hellwig absent and Sandy Pierre allpresent
Dignitaries:  Chris Heath, Beth Merrill

Notes from cookout presented by Stuart Light:  Alternate spaces for garden spots:  possibly banks which have green space and properties not being occupied.  Also Polaris, where the board is friendly.  Sandy suggested that if the Grange wanted to make her greenhouse into a project for the Grange.  Emily suggested using the greenhouse for growing stuff for a plant sale.  Sandy doesn’t want a lot of people on her property because of privacy concerns.

New Members:  none

Committee Reports:

Youth and Junior:  (director absent, no report).

Community Service:  Ellen reported that Hannaford is talking about setting up a shopping donation day for Liberty House.  Also the upcoming Fisher Cats game represents a food raising opportunity for Liberty House.  Ellen is also involved in a WWII veteran honoring ceremony on July 31.  Chris suggested taking the sashes to the ceremony.  Denise moved and Joan seconded a motion to support this activity as a Grange at 10:30 to make a presentation of World War II DVD to the veterans’ home.  Passed.

Youth and Junior:  None.

Garden committee:  The initial garden proposal is stuck in the Parks & Recs but is unlikely to proceed due to the resistance from a few citizens.

Fundraising:  On Tuesday, November 12, there will be a grange breakfast at the Hooksett Grange building for the visiting National delegates.  Chris expects maybe 60 to somewhere under 100.  Denise moved and Matthew seconded that our grange sponsor the breakfast.  Chris suggested approaching Hannaford’s for donations of food and other paper goods.  Motion carried.  Denise suggested setting up a subcommittee for planning and will co-chair with Ellen.

Legislative committee:  Emily reported that any legislation has to be submitted in September, but that bill drafting should be done before that to avoid the rush.  Ellen asked about passing resolutions at the state level and thinks that August 18 should be set aside for resolutions.  Steve has expressed interest in crafting resolutions.

Special Committees:



National Liaison:  Beth is chair for the Northeast Committee of the Grange for the convention.  Ellen reported that the web site for signing up for the convention on Nov 12-16 is now live.  Thursday is networking day and Ellen is trying to set up a space for local farmers to come in and answer questions.  There wil be an expo that goes through Saturday noon.  Stuart mentioned that on Thursday, there will be an NH hospitality room at the Grange; contact Carrie Ann Heath to volunteer.

Awards:  The deadline for state-level community service awards is in September.

Dictionary project:  None.  How about asking Polaris school how many dictionaries they need.

National breakfast:  See above.

Grange Services:  Denise, Joan, Matthew, and Ellen need to be put on Sister Hannah’s list.  Chris will put these people on the list.

Inbound Communications:

Treasurer’s report:  Emily moved that the worthy master get the checkbook from the trasurer so that we can pay the bills.  Denise seconded.  Passed.  Treasurer not making report because he’s absent.  The audit needs to be done quarterly, so it should be done soon.

Unfinished business:

New anniversary pins are available for exchange with the pin issued with the grange membership.

Meeting place:  Nebco has a space and if OK, first week of August is desirable.  Event will be updated on Facebook.

Facebook:  Look into notification problems.

New Business:

Bring ideas into mid-August meeting.

Other projects:  Support Shire Sharing.

Ellen moved to officially support the Shire Sharing programs as much as we can.  Joan seconded.  Passed.

Support truly private charities.  Joan suggest Doberman Rescue Unlimited, which can use both food, labor and funds.  They are located in Sandown.

Chris suggested to talking to businesses in Manchester besides Barnes & Noble to get support for extending the dictionary project to all Manchester schools.

Joan moved to support the DRU and Ellen seconded.  Type of support to be determined.  Passed.

Adopt-a-block:  Founder is moving, website is still down.  Let’s wait to see what’s going to happen there.

Work party for cleaning up state grange grounds.  Chris suggested doing it on a drop-by basis.

Members who are sick or in distress:  Sister Kali has a migraine, Sister CJ is having problems with medication reactions.  Michele Newsom, who is getting married in late August, had stroke-like symptoms last week.

Grange roll call:

Centennial:  1
Antrim: 1
Manchester Community: 7 members, 1 guest.

Lecturer’s Program:

Suggestions for the good of the order:

Grange get-together next week at Autumn Hills campground in Weare.  Fisher Cats Grange Day game coming up.

The grange was closed by the overseer at 3:48 p.m.

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