Minutes 2013-06-02

Greater Manchester Grange meeting, 6/2/2013

Worthy master Stuart Light opened the grange at 2:08 p.m.

Attending were guests Chris Heath, grange members Stuart Light, Ron Helwig, Curtis Howland, Mike Ruff, CJ Maxey, Steve Maxey, Emily Sandblade, Jack Eaton, Kali Fyre, Denise Hoitt, Matthew Ping and Jason Robertson.  Erick Todd came in at 2:40 p.m.

Master: Stuart Light – Present
Overseer: Mike Ruff – Present
Lecturer: Ellen Weist – Absent
Steward: Curt Howland – Present
Asst Steward: Jason Robertson – Present
Lady Asst Steward: Ally Haystead – Absent
Chaplain: Kali Fyre – Present
Treasurer: Ofer Nave – Absent
Secretary: Emily Sandblade – Present
Gatekeeper: Matthew Ping – Present
Flora: Sandy Pierre – Absent
Ceres: Denise Hoitt – Absent
Pomona: CJ Maxey – Present
Exec Comm: Ron Helwig – Present
Exec Comm: Joan Bastek – Absent
Exec Comm: Sandy Pierre – Absent

Dignitaries:  Chris Heath

New Members:

Committee Reports:

Community Service:  Reports of community service made to Sister Ellen.  Planting for Rimmon height neighborhood group will take place at 10 a.m., June 15.  How about a “Christmas in July” where we select a candidate whose house needs repainting.  Also, Graham volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and might need help. Polaris Charter School could possibly use landscaping–maybe exchange landscaping work in exchange for space.  Emily will talk to Dr. Julianne Cooper about landscaping at the new Liberty Harbor Academy.

Youth and Junior:  The committee will stay as is, though in practice will be a liaison position.

Garden committee:  Need to look for other spots, but keep at the current one.

Fundraising: Fundraising event after meeting.  Steve handed out additional flyers.  Steve suggested reaching out to other granges for fundraising, “barn raising.”  Jack suggested maybe a “winter farmer’s market.”

Legislative committee:  Emily Sandblade reported on upcoming bills.

Special Committees:  None.

National Liaison:
Dictionary project:
Grange Services:

Inbound Communications:

Treasurer’s report:

Unfinished business:

Saturday, June 8 at Sam’s Club, bring in your grange membership card and get a discount to join or re-up.

We have a website.  We want to transfer both *.orgs to the grange from Kevin.

July 7 is next meeting at Kali and Jack’s place.  Be sure to RSVP to the Facebook event.

Meeting space: still looking.


June 3: 5th degree, Webster Town Hall, potluck at 6:30 pm, degree ceremony at 7:30.
June 10:  Londonderry Grange meeting, 7 pm.
June 11:  Hillsborough County Pomona, Joe English Grange, 7:30 pm.
June 12:  Suncook Vlaeyy Pomona, Pembroke Grange, 7 pm.

New cool grange commercial for the superbowl sponsored by Chrysler will air tomorrow.  Also available on YouTube.

New Business:

No garden this year.

Kali suggested a publicity gig at the Labor Day telethon at WMUR.com.  Chris will bring grange shirts to the meeting on July 7.

Members who are sick or in distress:  Ofer is mildly ill.

Grange roll call:
Centennial:  1
Manchester Community: 13 members.

Lecturer’s Program:

Suggestions for the good of the order:

Reading of the minutes was waived.

The grange was closed by the overseer at 3:03 p.m.

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