Minutes 2013-05-19

Manchester Community Grange Minutes                                05/19/2013

  1. Meeting started at 2:03pm.
  2. Opening of the Grange
  3. Guests in attendance: Dan Stuart, Charles Davison.
  4. Visitors in attendance: Chris Heath
  5. Roll Call of Officers:
    1. Absent: AS, Sec, G, F, EC Sandy Pierre
  6. Amend records of last meeting
    1. No amendments made
    2. Last meetings minutes accepted unanimously
  7. Proposals for membership
    1. None presented
    2. Guest Dan Stuart requested and received an application
  8. Balloting for candidates
    1. No new candidates to vote on at that time
  9. Obligation, Welcoming, or Conferring:
    1. None at that time
  10. Reports of standing committees:
    1. Legislative/Agricultural
      1. None – Committee chair not present; no one else knew of anything new
    2. Youth/Junior
      1. None – Committee Chair not present
      2. Stuart mentioned Youth Retreat : June 7-9. Deadline to register: May 20. Fee: $60.
    3. Community Service
      1. Ellen – Adopt-a-Block is May 25th at 1:00pm
    4. Garden
      1. Ellen – Community Garden has officially gone back to committee; waiting on plan of action to be presented
      2. Suggestions of other places to garden were discussed:
        1. Look for private property/abandoned properties (“brown spots”) and ask the property owners if they would be willing to work with us
        2. Wayward Home
        3. Ellen is meeting with Alderman Craig (sp?)
        4. Dan might know of a private land owner/business owner that might work with us
        5. Graham has offered 4 plots
        6. Jack/Kali offered up plots
        7. Sunnydale might be a possible option for a few plots
        8. Possibility of a few plots on the grounds at the State Grange Hall
      3. Adopt Theodore Park for PR/Community Service purposes
        1. CJ suggested it
        2. Steve motioned adopt Theodore Park
        3. Joan Seconded
        4. Motion carried
        5. CJ volunteered to gather and present information/materials at next meeting
    5. Fund Raising
      1. None – Chair not present
      2. CJ suggested a Pampered Chef fundraiser
        1. Doesn’t cost us a thing and we get 25% of all sales
        2. Sue Moulton, the consultant, is willing to do a 10 min demo and explain how the fundraiser works on June 2nd
        3. Joan motioned to have a Pampered Chef consultant come on June 2nd and kickoff the fundraiser
        4. Ofer seconded
        5. Motion carried
        6. CJ to contact Pampered Chef consultant
      3. Chris suggested setup an account with shop.com
      4. Put a donate button on our website, once it’s up
  11. Reports of special committees
    1. Incorporation
      1. EIN is in. We can set up a bank account now.
      2. Suggested banks: Members First Credit Union, Granite State Credit Union
      3. Stuart, Mike and Ofer to schedule a date to go in together, if possible, and set up the account
      4. Grange Builder Kit – get up to $400 from State/National Grange for achieving certain goals
        1. 1st Quarter Report turned in ontime
        2. Net gain in membership within the first year
        3. ? – find out
        4. ? – find out
    2. National Liason
      1. Nothing new to report
    3. Awards
      1. National offers some monetary awards for individuals or committees for reports on community service
        1. Community service hours can be acquired as individuals and added up for a grand total for our grange and then presented to National as a report
    4. Words for Thirds/Dictionary Drive
      1. Ellen to contact Barnes & Nobles to set up a donation box? or discount for people buying dictionaries
      2. Centennial pays $2 per dictionary and puts a “Donated by” sticker in each one
  12. Report of  Grange Services
    1. The latest email that went out from National mentioned a discount with AAA
  13. Communications
    1. 5th Degree Jun 3rd with Webster Grange/Merrimack Pomona. Supper at 6:30pm, start at 7:30pm.
    2. Gerard-at-Large: postponed – need a follow up date
  14. Reports for the Pomona and State Grange
    1. Nothing to report yet
    2. Deadline: end of June
  15. Bills and Accounts / Treasurer’s Report
    1. Received bill from Chris Heath for $25 for application fee for incorporation paperwork
  16. Unfinished Business
    1. Swapped member pins for those who wanted them
    2. Gave out missing member pins
    3. Nothing new on a permanent site for us
    4. BBQ at Jack/Kali’s on July 7th at 2pm.
      1. Denise motioned that we have our July 7th meeting at Jack /Kali’s
      2. Kali seconded
      3. Motion Carried
    5. Still can’t log into National to set up our website
      1. Stuart contacted National IT Director for assistance – still waiting on reply
    6. Framing the charter
      1. Have a frame and glass need a better backing for it
        1. Ask around for professional framer willing to supply backing and/or set it(frame it) for us
    7. Need people to sign up for food/drink and lectures
  17. New Business
    1. Granite State Granger: one per household
    2. State Lecturer distribution list:
      1. Contact Hannah West to be added
    3. Cancel/move the June 16th meeting due to Porcfest
      1. Ron motioned that we cancel the June 16th meeting
      2. Ally seconded
      3. Motion carried
    4. Writing a Grange Resolution
      1. Writing Grange Resolutions instructions/sample passed out to all members
      2. A local Grange submits a resolution to State. At State, delegates form a committee to discuss and choose to amend, pass, or fail the resolution. If adopted by state, then goes to National where the delegates form a committee to discuss and decide to amend, pass or fail the resolution.
      3. National cut off for the year is in early October
      4. Deadline for State: Friday before a state session
        1. The earlier it is turned into State, the more likely it is for the State Secretary to make copies for the delegates/committee members and give them more time to go over the resolution. (Unless we would rather wait and present it at the meeting with little to no heads up and hope that the majority in attendance will be for it.)
    5. Music – Our Grange Song(s)
      1. Ellen would like for us to pick a more modern song or set of songs
        1. Members are welcome to put together play lists and we listen to them at the BBQ on July 7th.
    6. Polaris School project update: still on going and going great
    7. Acceptance of Dan Stuart’s application
      1. Curt Motioned that we vote on acceptance of Don’s application for membership
      2. Steve seconded
      3. Motion Carried / membership application accepted
    8. Obligation of Dan Stuart
      1. Discussed being a member of more than one Grange
      2. Up to 2 is acceptable
  18. Any member sick or in distress?
    1. No one at this time
  19. Roll call of Granges
    1. 1 visiting from Centennial Grange
    2. 13 from Manchester Community Grange
  20. Literary Program
    1. Nothing scheduled
  21. Suggestions for the good of the order
    1. Suggested that the Secretary contact the State Secretary , Jerry LeClerc, about a copy of the template that he uses in order to save the secretary/secretary pro temps time and effort with formatting the minutes every meeting
  22. Reading and adopting of the minutes
    1. Mike motioned that we waive the reading of the minutes
    2. Kali seconded
    3. Motion carried.
  23. Closing of the Grange
    1. Closed at 3:45pm

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