Minutes 2013-05-05

Manchester Community Grange meeting, 5/5/2013

Grange opened at 1:35 p.m., Worthy Master Stu Light presiding.

* Members: Stu Light, Kali Fyre, Jack Eaton, Curt Howland, Mike Ruff, Steve and CJ Maxey, Ellen Weist, Jason Robertson, Matthew Ping, Erick Todd, Emily Sandblade

* Guests: Allison Haystead, Denise Hoitt

Roll Call of Officers:
Vacant: LAS, C
Absent: Ofer Nave (T), Sandy Pierre (F), Joan Bastek (EC), Ron Helwig (EC), Sandy Pierre (EC)

Dignitaries:  Chris Heath (State Overseer + Assigned Deputy)

New Members:
* Steve Maxey and Ally Haystead joined as a family and Denise Hoitt joined.
* Mike Ruff moved to accept prospective members as a slate.  Motion carried.
* WM Stu Light obligated them into the Grange, and instructed them in the basic rituals of the Grange.

Committee Reports:
* Community Service:  There was another adopt-a-block cleanup on April 27.
* Youth and Junior:  None.
* Garden:  The residents are meeting at 3 p.m. this afternoon and have concerns and a lot of questions centered around parking and vandalism.  They believe that traffic is very high in the area due to other services associated with the park.
* Fundraising:
* Legislative:  Emily reported on bills in the legislature, including the bill that might make it possible for equipment dealers to sell farm equipment for a little less.

Special Committees:
* Bylaws:  Copies of bylaws will be distributed.
* Incorporation:  IRS approval hasn’t shown up yet, but since it’s April it may be delayed.
* National Liaison:  Ellen Weist reported on the program that the National Grange Conventions wil be presenting this November.
* Awards:  None.
* Dictionary project:  None:

Grange Services:

Inbound Communications:
* Next Saturday:  Suncook Pomona will be coming up this Wednesday.
* Degree day is May 11.  Lunch at noon, degrees at 1 p.m.
* On May 18, there will be a marker dedicated for the Grange Veterans at the Veterans Cemetary in Boscawen at noon.

Treasurer’s report:
* None.
* A $25 dollar payment for Secretary of State’s incorporation will be due to Chris Heath soon.  Brother Heath wants to wait until the checking account is set up.

Unfinished business:
* Jack Eaton moved and Jason Robertson seconded to read the bylaws as presented and vote on the bylaws as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.  We will now receive a $100 credit from the National Grange.

* Finding a place: Nothing yet.  Club Canadien want $75 to $150 per meeting.  It might be possible to donate the use of the space to the State Grange Foundation in the name of the Manchester Community Grange.

* Jack Eaton and Kali Fyre suggested a barbecue at their house sometime in July or August.

New Business:
* Jack Eaton moved to fill both offices without use of the paper ballot.  Seconded, carried.

* Election for Lady Assistant Steward:  Names: Allison Haystead.  Elected.

* Election for Ceres:  Names: Denise Hoitt.  Elected.

* New member packages were distributed to the new members.

Members who are sick or in distress:  None.

Grange roll call:
Centennial:  1.
Manchester Community: 14.

Lecturer’s Program:
*Jack Eaton moved to move the literary portion until after the gardening meeting at 3.pm to make is possible for people to attend this.

Suggestions for the good of the order:
*Chris Heath suggested taking bird feeders in at night, because black bears are feasting on them after dark.

*Stuart Light suggested that officers study and learn their lines for the various rituals.

*Jack Eaton moved that the minutes not be read and simply posted instead.

The WSec received $54 in dues.

The Grange closed at 2:48 p.m.

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