Minutes 2013-04-21

Greater Manchester Grange meeting, 4/21/2013

Worthy master Stuart Light opened the grange at 1:38 p.m.

Attending were guests Kali Fyre, Chris Heath, and Marcus Kennebeck, grange members Stuart Light, Joan Bastek, Sandy Pierre, Ron Helwig, Erick Todd, Curtis Howland, Mike Ruff, CJ Maxey, Ellen Weist, Ofer Nave, Emily Sandblade, Matthew Ping and Jason Robertson.

Master:  Present
Overseer Present
Lecturer Present
Steward  Vacant
Assistant steward Vacant
Lady Assistant Steward Vacant
Chaplain Vacant
Treasurer Present
Secretary Present
Gatekeeper Vacant
Graces (Ceres, Flora, and Pomona) All vacant
Exec committee members All present

Dignitaries:  Chris Heath

New Members:
Steve Maxey was proposed for membership and seconded.  Steve was not present, but Stuart showed the members how voting for membership works.  Chris Heath, acting as steward, demonstrated the voting procedure.  The membership approved brother Steve’s application for membership.

Committee Reports:

Community Service:  None.

Youth and Junior:  None.

Garden committee:  The city planning board approved the application, and put the approval on the special board of alderman the same evening.  The BOA approved the project.  The garden will occupy 70 feet by 20 feet.  There are many issues to be resolved before we can use the whole lot.  Current participants will participate; sister Ellen suggested holding a lottery for the remaining spaces.  Nothing happens until insurance policy is procured, which may happen next week.

Fundraising:  Brother Erick Todd told us that the committee considered several possibilities for fundraising, and narrowed it down to 3 options:

1.  raffle.  Brother Ofer suggested doing a raffle on the grounds of the new garden, perhaps during a BBQ.  Erick said that the committee was thinking on a larger scale.

2.  Brother Erick suggested plot sponsorship. Brother Chris Heath said that we should inform businesses that if they donate to the state grange foundation on behalf of the Manchester Community Grange, they can get a donation.  Hitting up businesses

3.  apply for grants.

Legislative committee:  Brother Chris reminded everyone that there is Grange Day at the legislature on March 24.  Sister Emily will remind people when the hemp bill is coming up for a hearing.

Special Committees:

Bylaws:  Changing the time:  2 p.m. appears to be a better time, and the new time will be part of the new by-laws.  That will happen on May 5.

Incorporation:  IRS approval hasn’t shown up yet, but since it’s April it may be delayed.

National Liaison:  Information will be available after state meeting on Wednesday.  Chris Heath described some of the national grange’s planned activities.  The youth are doing community service and museum tours.

Awards:  The awards committee has a clear winner and 2 or 3 runners up for peace officer of the year.  Determining what kinds of awards is a long-term project.

Dictionary project:  None:

Grange Services:

Inbound Communications:

Next Saturday:  Variety Show & Penny Sale.  The sign-up period has been extended.  Sign up should be as soon as possible.  Penny sale should have a lot of gewgaws.  There’s a family camping weekend in July and a youth event in June.

Degree day is May 11.  Lunch at noon, degrees at 1 p.m.

Treasurer’s report:  None.  A $25 dollar payment for Secretary of State’s incorporation will be due to Chris Heath soon.

Unfinished business:

Public meeting May 5 for the garden which will be published in the public notices part of the paper.  Meeting may be held at Jutras Post if possible, at Hooksett otherwise.  Ellen will check with Girls Inc. for a possible meeting place for that day.

Unfinished Business:
Steward:  Suggested:  Curt Howland.  Approved by majority. 15 votes cast.
Assistant Steward:  Suggested:  Jason Robertson, Matthew Ping.  Jason Robertson approved by majority.  15 votes cast.
Lady Assistant Steward: Erick Todd moved not to elect an LAS at this time.  Motion carried.
Chaplain:  Suggested:  Kali Fyre.  Approved by majority.  15 votes cast.
Gatekeeper:  Suggested:  Erick Todd, Matthew Ping.  Matthew Ping approved by majority.  15 votes cast.
Flora:  Suggested: Sandi Pierre.  Approved by majority.  15 votes cast.
Ceres:  Mike Ruff moved that the election for Ceres be held over until a later date.  Motion carried.
Pomona:  Suggested:  CJ Maxey.  Approved by majority.  15 votes cast.

New Business:

Motion to install officers immediately carried.  Brother Chris Heath conducted an alternative installation procedure.

Brother Mike Ruff moved to delegate Sister Ellen Weist to select the next meeting place.  Motion carried.  Location will be published in the Facebook group.  Brother Stewart will set up an event.

Ofer Nave moved to push by-laws approval to May 19 meeting.  Motion withdrawn.

Brother Ron Helwig moved that Ellen be authorized to set the meeting time depending on availability.  Motion carried.

Fundraising subcommittee will be held soon.  Time constrained by CJ’s work schedule.  All subordinate members are invited to participate.

Erick will be issuing press release about community garden.  Ofer thinks that the garden should have its own web site.

Members who are sick or in distress:  None.

Grange roll call:

Centennial:  1
Manchester Community: 15 members.

Lecturer’s Program:

Program was scheduled for today on vertical gardening, but given the lateness of the day, the program will be postponed.

Suggestions for the good of the order:

The secretary received $35 in dues.

The grange was closed by the overseer at 4:15 p.m.

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